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Your Ultimate Guide to Bean Bag Dog Beds

Catching balls and rolling over is hard work, so furry friends need comfy bean bag dog beds for napping away those exhausting playtimes. Even canines suffer from environmental allergies and aching joints, though, so inferior beds won't do. Every dog is different, so the first step to finding the perfect bed is by observing your fluffy friend's sleeping habits. Let's look at a few features you might need for your best friend's sleeping quarters.


Large dogs need extra padding, and that means a thick, supportive bed that doesn’t collapse under heavy use. Orthopedic designs are comfortable in the short term, but their foam often collapses under heavy use. Traditional dog beds are typically filled with chambered polyester or polystyrene pellets. This kind of fill isn’t soft enough for arthritic dogs or animals who suffer from chronic pain. While beads allow your dog to settle into a shape-conforming huddle, they can’t be used for chronic chewers. If the seams of your bed break, the beads become a choking hazard, so such products can only be used in the presence of a human. We use shredded, virgin memory foam for its shape-conforming properties and lumbar support. This material was developed by NASA to cushion astronauts and prevent G-force stress. It's thus exceptionally good at offering unpressured softness, returning to its natural shape quickly. Your innard’s quality matters if it's to provide superior support, so we use only the best materials. Unlike polyester fiber, our memory foam won't bunch up or break down. It contains no small parts that can cause choking or teeth breakage, and it's supportive enough to compete with orthopedic alternatives. You’ve probably heard of memory foam beds for humans. You might even have one of your own. Dogs benefit from it in all the same ways. It won’t cause numbness or circulation issues. It resists flattening even when used by larger dogs and offers orthopedic “memory.” All those properties have made it one of the most popular materials for mattresses and pet beds alike. With a few days’ airing, memory foam also loses its scent, ridding sniff-sensitive pets of toxic odors.

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion with Bean Bag Dog Beds

Dogs lack sweat glands and struggle to maintain a cool body temperature. Overheating can quickly cause heat stroke or exhaustion, so it's particularly important to choose a bed that doesn't generate heat. Our dog beds will keep your best friend cool during heat waves, even overnight, when they need a hands-free way to stay comfortable. The best cure is always prevention, after all.

Choosing the Best Shape for Your Dog

Every dog has unique sleeping habits. Some circle their beds before lying down. Some lie on their sides, and some prefer to sleep in a ball. A thick, round bed is ideal for huddlers, but we’ve built over-sized bean bag dog beds that are large enough for dogs who like to stretch out, too. Our bed is structured to achieve a subtle doughnut shape that keeps furry sleepers well-supported, but if you have a Great Dane or other super-sized pet, our Ultimate Pillow might be more comfortable. Anxious and shy dogs like beds that allow nesting and burrowing, so our circular bean bag dog beds will suit them better. Every one of our products can be customized to size so that you can choose just the right option for your space and pet. Our large dog beds are 10 X 56 inches—big enough for a Labrador or Dane. Still, if you have an avid nester, our Ultimate Sack 6000 offers all the huddling power they need. In contrast with traditional bolster beds, it has the width to provide plenty of cushioning, providing a level of security that every anxious dog needs. The market is flooded with three or four-inch beds, and that can’t offer the cushioning your pet needs. Our beds are 10 inches in width—generous enough to keep even the heaviest of dogs comfy. You wouldn’t sleep on a three-inch mattress, and nor should your fluffiest friends. Memory foam is decidedly light, so you’ll have no trouble moving your bed by yourself (with pooch’s help, of course.)

Stains, Muddy Paws, and Washables

Dogs with muddy paws will make quick work of that gleaming new cover, so you’ll also need a product that you can toss into the wash when necessary. Our bean bag dog beds have removable innards so that you can wash your cover in the machine. The zip is child-locked, so your pet will find undoing it somewhat of a challenge. Claws tend to wear on seams, too, so all our products are double-stitched.


Dust is one of the most allergenic substances in your house, so if your dog suffers from environmental allergies, your bean bag innards will need to resist dust mite infestations. Memory foam is up to the task. Unlike traditional foam, it doesn’t allow mites to burrow in, so it prevents them from flourishing.

Puppies and Incontinent Pets

Damp materials are prone to mold and can even cause fungal infections, so if you have an incontinent pet, this is a critical issue to address. It's best to keep two removable covers on hand and to choose an easy-drying bean bag. Memory foam is porous, so it doesn't soak up fluids like a sponge. Moisture can deteriorate your bed quickly so that porousness does more than keep your bed fresh—it also adds to its longevity. Our bean bag chairs are easy to ventilate, and we sell our covers separately. That way, you can keep your covers in rotation, laundering them regularly. To improve fluid-resistance, each bed as an inner lining. With puppies comes chewing, so we've also used a durable suede fabric that's tough to break.

Designs that Pop

Your dog would happily nap in a cover that comes straight out of the Ugly Eighties, but your dog beds are part of your furniture. You’ll need a fabric that suits your design sensibilities. Choose our paw-print designs or our three subtler alternatives. We use suede for its chic, timeless aesthetic, and we’ll even embroider your pooch’s name on your cover. Doggo doesn’t need the cats to perform a coup on his favorite mattress, after all.


Traditional, quality dog beds are sold for as much as $300. That kind of budget doesn’t leave you with extra funds for that giant Kong toy you’ve been eyeing, so we keep your prices reasonable. When you order your bed, don’t forget to add a few meaty treats on your shopping list. We’ve made sure you can afford them.
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