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Know the Difference: Bean Bag Chair Covers

Ultimate Sack follows a clear design concept: we make the best bean bag chair covers. After all, we love foam furniture and want only the best when it comes to our products and services. Imagine being able to outfit your entire home in these amazingly comfortable and fun-filled bean bag chairs, with covers to match your decor throughout the house. Keep in mind that these are not the bean bag chairs that you remember from being a kid in the nineties – these are adult bean bag chairs that can give any room a sense of class and distinction.

Our History with Bean Bag Chair Covers

As lovers of foam furniture, we went looking around for bean bag chairs to complete our collection and help fill our house. We had found that we were just not that impressed with the regular, run of the mill, ban bag chair covers. The cover was fitted with a poorly made zipper that made removing it for cleaning very difficult, if not impossible.

As we looked around and considered the available bean bag chairs on the market, we quickly came across Love Sac. This company produced the high quality bean bag chairs that we were looking for; however, their prices were out of this world.

And so we decided to found Ultimate Sack on the idea that foam furniture and quality bean bag chair covers shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The difference, really, is in the quality of construction and the products used. With an Ultimate Sack bean bag chair, you can have the finest quality leather, suede, or fur as the outer cover, with a finely-made precision zipper to make removal easy.

Within each Ultimate Sack is only the best quality foam, surrounded by a durable and long lasting vinyl bag. We stand behind our product so much that we use them ourselves.

Ultimate Sacks for the Whole House

For the price of one Love Sac, you can afford to outfit an entire room. Imagine being able to come home from a long day at work, and instead of boring, traditional, furniture, you would sink into one of our couch-sized chairs, matched with a couple of smaller sacks – and all featuring bean bag chair covers to keep them looking “grown-up.” Let your cares just fade away.

No matter if you’re putting a child-sized bean bag chair in a kid’s room, a love seat or couch in your living room, or even an ottoman to act as a footstool, each piece of bean bag furniture is made carefully and with distinction here in the USA. If you’re looking for the best bean bag chair covers, look no further.

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