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20% Off Sitewide Midsummer Sale! Limited Time Only. No code

Ultimate Sack! The Best in Comfy Bean Bag Furniture

Using bean bag furniture is a great way to make your space feel fun and inviting. Bean bag chairs are a great alternative to sofas, recliners and love seats. Whether you are looking for a place to lounge, play games, read, study, work or watch the game, the Ultimate Sack is the answer. It makes a great addition to any theater room, dorm room, recreation room, or any area where time is spent relaxing with friends and family.

How the Ultimate Sack started is simple. We were three family members looking to save money on bean bag chairs. We opted to purchase foam filled chairs from an alternative manufacturer and that was a mistake. We were very dissatisfied with the quality of the foam and construction of the bean bag furniture as well as its lack of comfort. This began our adventure into the foam bag business. We spent months sampling foams and fabrics and developed a product that we are proud to offer. Today, we are still family owned and operated as a successful company who offers affordable, quality sacks.

We have built the best sacks for some of the best companies including Yahoo!, Coca-Cola, Coors Light and NBC. We maintain a high quality of materials and workmanship that goes into each piece of bean bag furniture. We use quality canvas materials and high quality zippers and foams. Our bean bag covers are also made of quality fabrics and are machine washable for easy care and maintenance. All of our Ultimate Sack bean bag furniture is made in our factory in Ohio and ships within a matter of days to our customers, instead of weeks.

There are other quality bean bag furniture companies out there, such as Love Sac. However, we feel our bean bag chairs are better for a few reasons. The price of a bean bag chair from Ultimate Sack is half the price of a Love Sac chair. Love Sac generally takes two to four weeks to ship and you have to pay for shipping. We offer free shipping! Also, our warranty is straight forward and no registration is needed to warranty your product. Love Sac asks that you must register your product in order to validate the warranty. Finally, our furniture is made in the USA while Love Sac’s is made in China. Our brand speaks for itself in terms of quality, pride and affordability.

We are able to charge less for our foam bag chairs and furniture because we are the manufacturer. This allows us to pass savings on to you. Plus, we have an extensive selection of over 60 color and fabric combinations. Whether you want an Ultimate Sack chair and footstool, a dog bed, body pillow or cover, you can select which colors and sizes you want. Many of our customers trust us for their bean bag furniture. Order yours today and get the experience of relaxing in the Ultimate Sack!

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