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Why You Need a Bean Bag Lounger as Office Furniture

Imagine your office with a bean bag lounger instead of a conference table. The days of boring meetings, without bean bag chairs, around stuffy tables are over. Especially given the technological bend of the world and the sheer number of tech companies coming up, there is always the need to make sure that you are as cutting edge as you can possibly be.

Simply put, as more and more companies are being founded and run by younger, tech savvy, kids, the more the face of what a company looks like changes. You don’t want to be the company left behind, still using old office furniture, instead of having some hip, cool, new soft bean bag furniture with a custom bean bag cover.

The Advantages of a Bean Bag Lounger

Studies have shown, time and time again, that when an employee is relaxed, they do better work and are able to think creatively with greater ease. It is for this reason that many cutting edge technological companies offer their staff the opportunity to relax in creative fashions. Many computer programming companies even offer their staff a playroom with a variety of toys and other things to get their creativity going. With bean bag chairs in your relaxation room, you can let your employees enjoy their break by reading, relaxing, or just refocusing themselves in complete comfort.

An additional factor in choosing a good bean bag lounger is the price and quality. After all, you are still running a business, and making more money than you spend is the underlying idea. With some other companies, their product can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars per chair. Sadly, even with those exorbitant prices, we found the quality lacking and decided to go into the business of making our own bean bag loungers for home, office, or college use. For the cost of one of “their” chairs, you could get anywhere from four to five of ours – filled with only the best foam and covered in anything from fur to suede in colors that please the eye and match your office or company branding.

About Us – The Ultimate Sack Family

We are a family owned and operated company with a love for bean bag chairs. Our search for the best foam style chairs began when we owned a few of “their” chairs and decided that we wanted more – only to find that we could not get a product where the cost was reasonable, and the product was good.

So we made our own – and now you can have the benefits of our amazingly comfy bean bag lounger in your office.

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