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Ultimate Sack Videos

How do you set up your Ultimate Sack bean bag chair?

Step 1: Open the Box!
Step 2: Remove Entire Contents of Box.
Step 3: Read the Instruction Card.
Step 4: Unzip Packing Bag.
Step 5: Remove Plastic Covering Sack.
Step 6: Break Up the Foam.
Step 7: Put the Cover on. (zippers go down)
Step 8: Give it ample time to expand. 2-3 days.
Step 9: Enjoy! Remove your sack of foam from the box along with the outer cover.

Remove the foam from the canvas bag. DO NOT USE A KNIFE, SCISSORS OR OTHER SHARP INSTRUMENT TO REMOVE THE CLEAR BAG FROM THE FOAM BRICK AS THIS MAY RESULT IN DAMAGING THE INNER LINER!! Carefully remove the clear bag from around the foam brick. The foam will already be encased in the inner liner. Leave the foam inside the inner liner. Use your hands to break apart the brick of foam. The more you break apart the foam, the fuller your sack will get. You can also help to break the foam apart by moving the inner liner around and rotating it. Once the foam is broken your Ultimate Sack will have significantly increased in size. Then, you may zip your outer cover into place around the inner liner. Your Ultimate Sack will continue to expand and increase in size for several days after opening.

What is an Ultimate Sack bean bag chair?

When it comes to choosing the right big bean bag chairs for your home or office, it is important to remember that you have choices. After all, not all large bean bag chairs are created the same, and the difference is something that can be seen and felt by both yourself and your wallet. With Ultimate Sack, we set out to make some of the best foam bean chairs in the business, regardless of if we were making those chairs for kids or if we were making adult bean bag chairs. We understand that adults can love bean bag chairs as well as children. This is what sets us apart from the rest. Because we knew that our chairs can fit kids as well as adults, we knew that we had to make something that was durable enough for kids but refined and elegant enough for adults. You might imagine that finding a balance between those two would be challenging, given the differences between the tastes of kids and the tastes of adults, but we found a way!

How do the Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs differ from competitors?

Maybe you have heard of Love Sac®; maybe you even own one. We did too, until we decided to search for a better bean bag chair. Our business was born when we decided to embark on a mission for better, more affordable, more comfortable foam furniture. We love these big, comfortable sacks, but we don't think they should cost an arm and a leg. We wanted more colors, more fabric options, and we wanted all of this for a lower price. Well, we found a way. We are the manufacturers of the original Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair. We make them here in the USA and we ship them straight from our factory, which is why we can charge less.