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Premium Bean Bag Chairs for Adults Who Have a Sense of Style

Bean bag chairs were once a mere novelty that offered little in the way of comfort and ergonomics. Now, they’re crawling into homes across the nation in a comeback worthy of the décor industry’s enthusiasm. They have a laid-back, rough-and-ready look that even the most deconstructed sofas can’t mimic. Industry leaders have elevated their fabrics and palettes, introducing a premium product refined enough for the chicest of homes. They’ve received an ergonomic facelift, as well, so today, you can expect lumbar support without the circulation setbacks of more structured furniture. Of course, the industry is buzzing with inferior products, but one brand is being celebrated more than most: Ultimate Sack. Our line of loungers, footstools, and bean bag chairs are offered in a vivid palette and stitched to last. Whether you need a shrunk-down option for your nursery or an oversized product to cater towards two living-room gamers, our collection of bean bag chairs for adults has just the product for your needs.

The Difference is on the Inside

Just like our clients, our bean bag chairs for adults carry their best features on the inside. The secret is in the memory foam innards, which reduce pressure and enhance circulation without shying away from core support. This magic material offers a body fit true enough to prevent pressure-related pain. It's hypoallergenic and stays cool, no matter how many hours you use it. Memory foam was the bold invention of NASA, which needed a surface that could relive G-force stress. The enterprise created a material that absorbs energy and protects against impact, and in the modern home, that translates into perfect circulation. Memory foam is responsive to heat and pressure, actively molding itself around your body, then returning to its original shape after you stand up. It's so comfortable you can sleep on it, and if you have back pain, it's the ideal material, actively adjusting to your position for extra core and spine support. The perfect C-shaped sitting position is easy with an oversized memory-foam chair. Still, the design has another key ergonomic benefit: the ability to support a range of sitting postures. No single chair offers the repositioning that's so important for ergonomics. More structured seats tire the body out and build pressure on key points. Circulation breaks down early, so a chair that kept you comfortable for an hour quickly becomes a liability. Bean bag chairs offer the ideal balance, configuring themselves around the body no matter which position you choose. That makes them as healthy as they are comfortable.

The Drawbacks of Standard Bean Bag chairs

Standard bean bag chairs are filled with hard-celled, expanded polystyrene that quickly wears on your skin. It’s a choking hazard when broken, so it can’t be used safely in homes with pets and children. If you’re buying an oversized version, you’ll have trouble getting it through your front door. Memory foam carries none of those disadvantages. Our bean bag chairs for adults arrive in a small package, gaining size only when fluffed. They don't break down into small parts when broken, and they lack the hard texture of bean bag beads.

The Importance of Movement in Adult Bean Bag Chairs

Repetitive stress is every desk user's kryptonite. Repetitive motion can cause injuries to the ligaments, muscles, and nerves, so prolonged sitting at a computer terminal can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the best ways to avoid it is to avoid prolonged sitting and stretch frequently. An adult bean bag chair can help with both preventative measures. It allows you to shift position easily to reduce fatigue and pain. Resting your wrists on your desk or armrest will increase your odds of forming a repetitive stress injury. A lap desk can help you to avoid that working position. It prevents strain by keeping your arms and wrists from bending and prevents you from hunching over your monitor. Use an adult bean bag chair as part of your lap desk, and you’ll limit neck and muscle spasms to boot.

Allergy Friendliness

Allergy woes can turn the brightest day into a slog. Office settings are notorious for dust mites, which can cause everything from asthma to hay fever and rhinitis. Half of all offices have infestations, and they lead to a huge range of health complaints. Standard chair cushioning won't do if you suffer from allergies, but memory foam is composed of polyurethane fibers that prevent mites from accumulating. Still, deep cleaning is required to eliminate allergens, and most bean bag chairs aren't washable. Ours are. Every chair has a removable cover that you can throw into your washing machine.

The Comfort of Oversized Designs

Your standard bean bag chair is too small to offer anything but a seated position. Our bean bag chairs are the monsters of the industry. They’re big enough to sleep on, so if your eyelids are getting heavy while you’re finishing the latest Netflix show, you won’t want to stand up and find your groggy way to your bedroom. Giant bean bag chairs accommodate two adults and even more children, so they’re the perfect addition to your gaming space.

The Micro-Pad

Apartment living demands an innovative approach to furniture. Without space for guest rooms and extra sofas, you need adjustable furnishings that can be hidden away in a closet when not in use. A five-foot beanbag is large enough to haul out when friends and family stay the night, yet small enough to tuck into a corner. It’s a fraction of the weight of a sofa bed and is far less unwieldy than a futon. Our bean bag chairs are covered in premium, interchangeable fabric, so if you’re changing up your palette, you needn’t buy an entirely new chair. They’re double-stitched, and you can even customize your size. We have corner sacks, footrests, and cushions to complete the picture, but don’t forget your furry friends. Our dog beds will keep your fluffy family members comfortable all day, every day. Whether you use a lap-desk or want to lie down for a series marathon, our bean bag chairs for adults have your back—literally. They conform to your body instead of requiring you to adjust to them, and that's the secret to lasting comfort. The bean bag chair might be 50 years old, but its 2020 alternatives are more sophisticated than any that have gone before. Use them in the office, family room, or play area. Arrange them on your porch or carry them up to your treehouse. Their mobility allows them to evolve to any room and purpose.

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