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A Bean Bag Chair Can Be an Extremely Comfortable Gaming Chair

Avid gaming is hard work. Hours of hunting drowners has a way of wearing on your spine. Your Witcher might be in excellent shape, but managing all his battles from your living room isn't ideal for your circulation. Your neck goes into spasm, sending your back out of position, which, in turn, leads to spasms down the spine. Your legs grow numb, and your hips feel as though they're carrying a five-ton load. You might find a comfortable sitting spot, but it's unlikely to last until your next quest. The industry is crammed full of ergonomic desk chairs that claim to solve all these problems, but few of them achieve what they promise for one reason: they're fixed in place, allowing minimal movement. You can sit in the most ergonomic chair in Skyrim and still feel out of whack. Comfort is an abstract concept that changes every day. A seated position is ergonomically ideal until the physical load of hours of gameplay begins to wear on your bones. Padding is essential, but it often comes at the expense of a "C-shaped" spine. Your chair needs to combine both padding and support, and few designs manage to achieve the best of both elements. There is one product that gets ergonomics right: Ultimate Sack. Here's why.

The Value of Customization

Ultimate Sack has become the star of the gaming chair business. It’s one of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite chairs, and it’s been featured on Wayne Brady’s CBS show. It’s brought the bean bag business a degree of quality and customization that’s rarely been seen before. Every gamer is different. A desktop player has different needs to a consul fan. Your perfect sitting spot varies from game to game. A complex open-world RPG requires more keyboard and mouse work than a basic consul-based strategy game. Desktop gamers need an upright position that makes room for desk space. To add even more complexity to the problem, every gamer faces a different physiological challenge, and that requires a unique chair build that works for the individual. Ultimate Sack gets customization right. It supports your hips, keeps your legs in a comfy position, and fits around your body. This way, you receive support where it's needed, and not where an industrial designer decided was best. There are standard shapes to fit every kind of player. Add a bean bag footrest, and you're ready to game as though you never took an arrow to the knee. Are you the kind of player who's comfier lying on your stomach? Ultimate Sack has a design for you as well, and it offers the core support you need for a weekend binge.

Myths About Occupational Health

Physical load distribution is a challenge that the occupational health industry has been trying to solve for decades. A great chair must support weak core musculature, improve circulation, and allow for perfect lung expansion. Bodies need to do a lot of work to sustain a position like that for hours on end. Comfort takes a little work, and adjustability is critical to ergonomics. Tall bodies require a wholly different set of ergonomics than petite ones, and the structure you need to shift pressure varies throughout the day. An adjustable design is dynamic enough to help you to achieve comfort all afternoon, every afternoon. The Ultimate Sack comfortable gaming chair lets you rest your back, shift position, and move your legs. It's flexible enough to adjust to a lap desk, which will rest your shoulders and keep your circulation at its prime. It gives the human body the freedom it needs to sustain a natural movement, so doctors recommend this design for patients with back problems. It lets you adjust your posture as you play without allowing you to slouch out of position. Desktop users tend to suffer from neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Ultimate sack comfortable gaming chair has your back (literally.) Neck and hip support are provided, no matter which position you choose. The reclining position it achieves offers solid back support and a bucket seat to shift the pressure off your hips. The long design keeps your legs gently curved, so you can wave goodbye to those pins and needles that interfere with your whirling attacks. The broad seat supports your legs and prevents your knees from folding at a sharp angle. If you’re a consul gamer, the Ultimate Sack 6000 comfortable gaming chair gives you a more relaxed posture and enough room for a second player. If you’re stretching out for a morning of Residential Evil, it keeps player two as comfortable as player one. You can alter the diameter for your height and throw the cover in the machine while you’re at work.

Quality isn’t Optional

The Ultimate Sack 5000 comfortable gaming chair is built to last. Its zip is attached for durability, and the cover is double stitched and fully replaceable. If your chair begins to wear or you're in the mood for a new color scheme, buy a new cover. There's no need to replace the entire chair. Unlike most bean bag chairs, it's stuffed with virgin shredded memory foam, which is famous for its pressure-relieving powers. The material yields to your shape instead of requiring you to yield to it. That's why it's the medical industry's favorite solution for pressure sores. The same quality helps your blood to circulate well without sacrificing on spine or core support. It's made from viscoelastic, which quickly shifts back to its original shape when not in use. Shredded memory foam improves sitting posture to boot, and if you want to shift to your side or front, you can. The giant bean bag shape can be extended to 75X38 inches when fluffed, so it can take any position you choose. No even-surface chair design can offer enough support to contour your body in various positions, but Ultimate Sack can. A traditional gaming chair will set you back hundreds of dollars, and its unyielding structure will only keep you comfortable for short periods of time. The Ultimate Sack comfortable gaming chair costs a fraction of that in exchange for more comfort and better spine health. It was designed with love, and that makes all the difference.

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