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Big Bean Bag Chairs: An Overview

When it comes to choosing the best big bean bag chairs for your home or office, it is important to remember that you have choices. After all, not all large bean bag chairs are created the same, and the difference is something that can be seen and felt by both yourself and your wallet. With Ultimate Sack, we set out to make some of the best foam bean chairs in the business, regardless of if we we’re making those bean bag chairs for kids or adult bean bag chairs. This is what sets us apart from the rest. We knew that we had to make something that was durable enough for kids but refined and elegant enough for adults. You might imagine that finding a balance between those two would be challenging, given the differences between the tastes of kids and adults, but we found a way!

The Ultimate Sack Story: Why Big Bean Bag Chairs Are Awesome!

The story of Ultimate Sack starts with our family’s love of oversized foam furniture. It did not matter if it was the kids or the adults, we just could not get enough of having large bean bag chairs in our house. They were great for relaxing on, reading, or even just sitting in front of the television at the end of the day. When we started with a company called Love Sac, we found that the prices they were charging were really quite high. After all, they had to make it overseas and ship it to the United States in order for the bean bag chairs to get to us.

We believed that we could find a better price for foam chairs. This led us to Comfy Sac, who had a reasonably lower price than Love Sac. Unfortunately, we found that we didn’t like the quality of those bean bag chairs, and still had to wait for weeks for shipping since it was coming from overseas. The pattern held true: if we wanted quality, we’d have an excessive price. If we wanted a reasonable price, the quality simply wasn’t there.

While most families would’ve stopped there, we did not. Our love of big bean bag chairs would not let us leave it at that. We pulled apart the chairs that we had to see how they worked and to make our own decisions about how we could make it better. One of the first, and perhaps largest, things we noticed was that the quality of foam in almost every bean bag we sampled, was incredibly poor. Imagine our surprise to find that the bean bag chairs were actually filled with used, cut up, furniture pads instead of a softer, and certainly newer, foam.

Next, we looked at the amount of foam in the bag. While some were decent enough, others had an incredibly large amount of air in their large bean bag chairs, and the resulting loss of foam meant that the chair was just not as comfortable as we wanted it to be.

Finally, we looked at the bag itself. On some of the very cheap models, there was no liner at all. The entire bag was one, single, bag. On some of the better models, however, the inner bag was thin and flimsy nylon with an outer bag with a cheap zipper. The zipper was easily stuck or ripped off, and the bag was easily torn or cut without much effort.

Simply put, we knew we could do better, and our big bean bag chairs are a testament to that!

We decided that our goal would be to produce, locally, adult bean bag chairs that had the best and softest foam, were as filled as possible for comfort and had a durable inner and outer liner. Furthermore, we wanted to be able to provide all this at a price point which was better than all the other competitors. We wanted to be confident that anyone trying our adult bean bag chair would immediately see and feel the difference.

Making Large Bean Bag Chairs: Not as Easy as We Hoped!

We’re not ashamed to admit we had a few obstacles in the early days. We struggled with finding someone to produce our bean bag chairs that met our stringent requirements. We wanted only the best, never used, polyurethane foam in our bags as well as durable suede. Eventually, we came to realize that no one could produce the big bean bag chairs that we wanted, so we decided to skip the middle-man and make our own.

Ultimate Sack was born in Ohio not long after. We came to realize that we could purchase the suede and virgin foam ourselves, in order to make the product to the quality we wanted, to create the ideal adult bean bag chair. Also, because we are located within the United States, we could reduce a large portion of the cost by utilizing easier shipping methods that didn’t have to go across countries or ship via international shipping boats. In the end, that lets us both pass those savings on to you as well as make a product that we can stand behind. We are proud of our large bean bag chairs and it shows.

Nowadays, each Ultimate Sack is larger, fluffier, more comfortable, and more durable than any of our competitors. And because we make all our own products, we can stand behind them with the utmost surety. You’ll never have to worry about some third party being involved – there is no retail seller to refer you back to the weak ‘manufacturer’s warranty’ company in another country. We are the manufacturer of our big bean bag chairs, and we provide a complete three-year warranty against any kind of product defects. Our no-hassle, no registration, the warranty covers any kind of product defect. In other words, if we didn’t make it correctly, we’ll make it right for you.

Uses for Adult Bean Bag Chairs

A factor to consider, in the many uses if our big bean bag chairs, is that with the rise of internet companies, the corporate world has shifted significantly. While there are certainly still a large number of ‘suit and tie’ companies, many such companies in the tech sector have realized that they are employing younger and younger tech-skilled people. Because of the fact that those tech-heavy companies often work their people very hard, it is important to provide them opportunities for relaxing and our large bean bag chairs do just that. A common way of doing this is to provide a break room filled with big bean bag chairs and books or magazines. Furthermore, that type of break room appeals to a younger, but still technically savvy, employee who may not have the experience with a larger and more traditional company.

Colleges and Goings-Away

One of the better uses for our overstuffed bean bag chairs is when a child is going away to college. Having a comfortable place to read, study, or just hang out with friends is vital in those first years away from home, however, many college dorm rooms are anything but comfortable. With Ultimate Sack, you can give your child their own big bean bag chairs to take with them. Having a bean bag at college is actually quite useful because of the ease of moving them. Instead of having to try and figure out how to get any particular piece of furniture into, or out of, a dorm room, they can simply drag their foam sack through the door and put it into place. This becomes especially useful during the later years of college when moving dorm rooms, or moving to an off campus housing solution, becomes more common. Additionally, our color customization options let you pick the colors to match your student’s hometown school or the one they’re going to, all while leaving space for a personal message. With the options to color match their school and still have space for a ‘We love you’ message, there is no better solution for the college dorm room than an Ultimate Sack.

Use in The Classroom

Teachers are, almost always, looking for ways to make their classrooms more comfortable and more enjoyable for their students. While you shouldn’t replace every desk with large bean bag chairs, having a few in your classroom can give you the ability to get students involved in reading time in a way they might not have before. Further, much like was noted for the college dorm room solution, our color print and color combination choices can let you stock your classroom with all the big bean bag chairs you want and in colors that match your school. Further, the customization options can let you put inspirational quotes, or even just ‘Mrs. Smith’s Classroom” on them, so that you know your bean bag chairs won’t grow legs and walk away.

Ultimate Sack: The Ultimate Solution

It is our hope and desire that you come to love foam bean bag chairs as much as we do. With our no-nonsense three-year limited warranty against defects and our goal to be the best in the business, we know that there is no better choice for your family when it comes to bean bag chairs. We are certain that you will find a product you’ll love because of the sheer size and amount of foam we use, from our bean bag chairs for kids to our adult bean bag chair.

So why delay? Choose which bean bag chair you want in your house today and you can get some incredible savings and free shipping. Furthermore, because we know that you and your family are going to love our products, we are constantly offering coupons and free giveaways from our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter feed. All you have to do is sign up to receive notifications and you’ll be able to see when discounts and promotions are available. So give us a call today or order online, and your very own set of big bean bag chairs could be on its way to you for far less money than you may think.

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