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Have You Experienced the Fun of Bean Bag Chairs?

We’re going to come right out and say it – bean bag chairs have gotten a bad rap. When most people think about a bean bag chair, they come up with a couple of preconceived ideas as to why getting one is lame. Either the chair is for kids, too expensive, or just plain not formal enough for a real household. If there is one thing that Ultimate Sack set out to do when we first began our love of bean bag chairs, it was to change how people looked at foam furniture and their house. After all, while these types of chairs can be perfect for kids, there is nothing to say that they can’t be perfect for many types of houses, businesses, and purposes.

Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chairs – The Story

Much like anyone else, our story begins with our family and our love of bean bag style furniture. Our kids loved them, we loved them, but we could never quite find what we wanted. If the bean bag chair was affordable, the quality was low. If the chair was of good quality, then the cost was too high. In the course of time, we got to wondering and looking at the quality of those chairs. Certainly, Love Sac makes a well-made chair; however, their prices were incredibly high.

So we began to wonder if we could provide a local product that was made and shipped from the United States for a better price. This turned into us exploring the pros and cons of various types of bean bag chairs. What we found matched what we had experienced as a family – the balance between cost and quality was entirely out of joint. In many cases, we found that the foam being used in other types of bean chairs was actually used furniture foam that had been torn up and compressed into pellets. We also found that many of the chairs were only partially filled, to boot!

We decided that we could do better. So Ultimate Sack was born – the comfiest, fullest, largest, and most well-made US-based bean bag chair.

What Makes Ours Better?

Let’s face it – you have a large number of options when it comes to bean bag chairs that range from the extremely affordable to the incredibly expensive. We decided that the only way to be a leader in the industry of bean bag chairs was to provide some of the best products at the lowest price and to consider our shipping costs as part of the price point you’ll consider when buying foam chairs. At first, we debated using other company’s products and just selling them, but we found that we had no control over the quality that way and we wanted to provide the absolute best foam chair on the market. So in the end, we decided that our best was to make our own bean bag chairs, which would allow us to have total control over the cost, quality, and shipping. This is important because it allows us to keep our prices reasonable while still providing the level of quality that we wanted in our own family and in doing so, support local US businesses. We are so sure of the level of quality we produce that we offer a three year, no-nonsense or registration, warranty on every product we provide. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it for you for free and with no hassle in doing so. We stand behind our bean bag chairs and our bean bag chairs!

Let’s Start Easy – Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

For your Kid’s Sack, you can choose from a variety of suede colors. Fur colors or fur prints are also available. You could even choose to have it personalized if you want your own custom message on the sack. Kid Sacks, because of the wide selection of colors we offer, are perfect for any kid’s room while still being able to fit into your decorations and be durable enough for constant use. Each child-sized bean bag chair is about 20-25 pounds and around 30 inches in diameter. Comparably, this is larger and heavier – meaning more foam and more comfort for your kid. Furthermore, the outer cover is removable and washable because everyone knows that kids make messes and accidents happen. Our durable inner lining, made from heavy canvas, is resistant to most normal use such as poking, scratching, and so forth. Additionally, our zipper is made to be durable so that you can remove the outer cover many times for washing without ever having the zipper wear out. Additionally, to prevent your smallest tikes from getting into it, we include a child-safety lock on the zipper, so that you never have to worry about them getting the bag open. Another option for the kids in your house is the Ultimate Floor Pillow. This is an especially good choice in bean bag chairs if you have multiple kids who can share.

With all of the same color choice options as the Kid Sack, you can make sure that no matter where your kids drag their bean bag chairs, it goes with your home and decorations. The Ultimate Floor pillow, however, is no mere foam chair. It can be laid out on the floor for multiple kid comfort or folded up into one overlarge and extra comfy personal chair. Each floor pillow measures around 56x69x20 and can weigh as much as 35 pounds. This gives you some of the best foam comfort from 100% virgin polyurethane foam for multiple people while still having a durable child lock and the ability to clean the outer liner when snack time becomes spill time.

Don’t Have Kids, You Say? How About Your Pets?

Ultimate Sack makes one of the most durable pet beds in the business. Now, you may be asking why you would need to consider a bean bag chair for your pet and the answer is simple – animals love comfort, too. Our foam dog beds are made with the same level of quality that we put into each and every one of our bean bag chairs. One very common reason for getting a foam dog bed is if your beloved pet is older. As dogs begin to age, much like humans, they can develop arthritis in their joints. This can make sleeping on the floor incredibly painful for them while at the same time reducing their ability to get up onto the couch or your bed in order to get the comfort that they both need and deserve. With a foam bed, however, they have a place that is uniquely theirs and is specifically made for their comfort.

Furthermore, we have foam beds for a wide variety of animal sizes. Our large measures a full 56 inches wide, giving your family friend as much room as they need to stretch out and be comfortable. With small and medium sizes ranging from 28 to 42 inches, you can find the right solution for your pet and your house. We offer a small selection of colors as well as some choices with paw prints on them so that you can still find the best balance between your home décor and your pet’s comfort. With our dog beds, the cover remains removable for washing, cleaning, taking hair off, and so forth. Because we understand that dogs are going to put a bit more wear and tear on a bed, we also make the inner sack out of a durable canvas sack to accommodate for that fact.

Ultimate Sack for The Home – Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

One of our goals as Ultimate Sack is to let people realize that foam furniture can be both fun, relaxing, and reasonable for a house. Instead of it being something only for kids, our goal is that people can realize that bean bag chairs are a wonderful way to make your home incredibly comfortable as well as stylish. Our Ultimate Sack 6000 is specifically designed for the adult home that wants to match comfort and quality. Available in our widest range of colors to match your decorations and wall colors, these foam chairs are some of the best we make. Measuring 65 or more inches across and weighing as much as 75 pounds, there is nothing better than this bean bag chair at the end of a long day. Further, we offer a footstool foam chair to go with it giving you the ability to really stretch out.

Imagine being able to come home from a long week at work and sink into a comfy, soft, bean bag chair and curl up with your favorite show or a good book. With Ultimate Sack, you have that chance every day and every week!

One of the Biggest Differences – The Amount of Foam

When we first began, one of the biggest complaints that we had about most foam chairs was that the chair just didn’t have enough foam. We took one of the early ones we tried and cut it open only to find that it was barely half-filled and that the foam was just cut up used furniture pads. Because of this, we make sure that our foam sacks are as filled as possible, for the plushest bean bag chairs! While we do have to leave some room for air and movement, we decided that we were going to fill our bean bag chairs with just the right amount of foam to provide maximum comfort.

Quality That You Can Count On!

Because we make our own products, all locally in Ohio, we are able to stand behind them while still keeping costs to a reasonable amount. In this way, we save you money because there is no middle-man since you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. Furthermore, since we make them, the warranty does not require any kind of hassle, sign up, or anything similar. If the foam bag is faulty through our production, we’ll replace your bean bag chair for free. The warranty covers everything from zippers to fabric, seams, and even the foam inside it. As long as the damage is from our production and not because of abuse or excessive wear, we’ve got your back.

While not necessarily a quality consideration, one of the benefits of buying from Ultimate Sack is that we provide quick shipping times. We are able to provide free shipping while at the same time get you the foam furniture that you want all the faster. With bean bag chairs from Ultimate Sack, we believe in comfort and durability. Simply put, when it comes to bean bag chairs, we’re the best in the business.

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