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Alternative Furniture Ideas Using Bean Bag Chairs

Our modern lifestyle has made many treasured traditions obsolete. In the past, shoppers crawled the aisles of music stores to discover new artists. Today, they can do the same thing right from their phone. Similarly, the usefulness of the residential landline telephone, cable television, and storefront specialty boutiques are also quickly declining. With the internet and mobile technology, these staples of American society no longer serve the needs of the many.

Likewise, our society's understanding of furniture is also undergoing some changes. Adults today are living in smaller spaces, often with one or more roommates. These limitations force them to reexamine traditional furniture strategies. Others are simply looking to simplify, keep things flexible, or accommodate active little ones without driving themselves crazy.

Bean bag chairs are a versatile solution for those who need a little something different. Here are some alternative furniture ideas featuring our bean bag chairs that conserve and maximize your living space.

Bedding Options

Our selection of large bean bag chairs makes the perfect bedding in a pinch.

• For school-age sleepovers, the Ultimate Pillow is a great answer to the question of where to put everyone for the night. These squishable seats go from supporting all-night gamers to sleeping mats with no adjustments.

• The Ultimate Lounger gives you 65 inches of stretching out space. This plush bean bag pillow makes it easy to find a space for overnight visitors to rest.

• The Corner Sack is a full six feet of bean bag comfort. At 34 inches high, this piece is perfect for seniors and those with mobility problems.

Why should you replace your beds with bean bag chairs?

• Unlike other alternative furniture ideas, bean bag chairs have multiple uses. When you're not sleeping on them, use them as seating throughout your home.

• Do you really want to spend time making another bed? With a bean bag bed, all you have to do is fold your blankets and move on with your day.

• If you lack the luxury of a guest room, putting an extra bed in your home can be a big space demand. With a bean bag chair, you don't have to commit precious floor space to a piece of furniture you don't use often.

Add one of our super soft and warm blankets too ensure your guests get one of the best night's sleep they've ever had. Traditional beds don't hold up against the superior convenience of bean bag chairs.

Eating Arrangements

Friends, family, and food are a natural combination. However, having a large gathering can stress your existing seating arrangements. Use alternative furniture ideas featuring bean bag chairs to extend the offer of a seat to everyone on your guest list.

• Tiny tots fit perfectly into our Kids Sack bean bag chairs. These little luxury loungers provide little ones between the ages of 2 and 5 with a comfy place to sit without being under the feet of celebrating adults.

• Our Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all body types and space restrictions. The Ultimate Sack 3000 is the best option for replacing dining room chairs and allowing your guests to cozy up close to the table.

• For buffet-style gatherings, arrange several Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs throughout your home in groups of two or three to create conversation nooks that take your party to the next level.

Why should you choose bean bag chairs as an alternative to the traditional dining room set?

• If you're like many modern dwellers, you might not have space for a full dining room set. Versatile bean bag chairs let you create the illusion of a dedicated eating space without the expense of moving or remodeling.

• Easy to clean bean bag chairs mean you spend less time scrubbing stains out of delicate cloth and upholstered items. Just remove the cover and toss it in the washer for a quick clean up.

• Frequent entertainers don't need to waste money and time renting extra seats for their gatherings. Instead, a collection of bean bag chairs gives them access to a range of alternative furniture ideas without needing to negotiate each time.

Need an extra dining table? Place a board across the top of two Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs for a quick and simple solution. Bean bag chairs are the ultimate accessory for alternative furniture ideas!

Temporary Living Quarters

College kids, young adults with roommates, and those who choose travel over residential stability need alternative furniture ideas to help them stay mobile without paying a ton for storage units. Bean bag chairs can replace several of the most common furniture pieces. How can those who stay on the move keep their lives comfortable with our bean bag chairs?

• Instead of an unwieldy couch that you may have to leave behind, opt for an Ultimate Lounger or a Corner Sack to provide comfortable seating in a lightweight format.

• Couch surfers can secure a better night's sleep with an Ultimate Pillow. No matter how threadbare or prickly your friend's couch is, the Ultimate Pillow will make you feel you're floating on clouds all night long.

• Create a customized coffee table using one of our footstools. Just center a sturdy board over the top, pull up a bean bag, and enjoy an easy-to-transport furniture arrangement that fits almost any space. You can furnish an entire studio apartment with our selection of bean bag chairs and a little imagination. What other ways can you find to replace old fashioned furniture with bean bag chairs? Browse our online catalog to spur ideas and inspiration.

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