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12 Ways Personalized Bean Bag Chairs Take Your Decor to the Next Level

Your furniture isn't just for comfort. The colors, fabrics, and designs you choose are an expression of who you are and what you enjoy. Your furniture choices also define your space. The right combination of functionality and aesthetic creates a unique atmosphere.

When you think decor, bean bag chairs probably aren't the first thing to come to mind. However, personalized bean bag chairs might just be the perfect accessory for your home, business, or social gathering. Besides their incredible comfort factor, these furniture accessories can be customized to meet your specific needs.

What is a Personalized Bean Bag Chair?








In our automated world, personalization is a misunderstood concept. Manufacturers perfect the illusion of multiple options while offering a limited selection of products and variations. Customers who are looking for something truly unique often find themselves unable to fulfill their vision of a customized space.

Ultimate Sack offers a range of products and options that make it easy to create the bean bag chair of your dreams.

• Our signature product, the Ultimate Sack, comes in four different sizes so you can pick the one that best fits your space.

• Each of our bean bag furniture solutions is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics.

• Many of our products can be customized with embroidered text. We give our customers up to 15 characters to express themselves.

Personalization isn't just about putting your name on something. Real personalization means taking something and making it your very own. Other companies give you a short list of choices and call that customization. Only Ultimate Sack gives you the ability to design your own bean bag chair from start to finish.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Home Decor with Personalized Bean Bag Chairs

Whether your style is sophisticated and clean or impulsively imperfect, personalized bean bag chairs can improve your design. How is that possible?

• Our collection of colors and patterns make it easy to find something that matches your current scheme. However, you don't have to play the matching game to make your bean bag chair fit into your room. Use your bean bag chairs to pick up accent colors, break up a boring spot, or as a bright pop of color.

• If your home isn't clean, your decor won't matter much. When stains and spills happen, upholstered items like couches and love seats require a large investment of time and resources to get them clean. With personalized bean bag chairs, just toss your covers into the washer for a quick refresh on your decor.

• Families with small children understand the struggles of possessiveness. Writing names on belongings is an age-old remedy for fights fueled by jealousy. Don't ruin your accessories with amateurish marker marks. Instead, opt for display-worthy stitching that keeps the peace without looking like an afterthought.

Personalized bean bag chairs make your home more comfortable, easier to maintain, and more peaceful. Can your couch do that?

5 Ways to Kick Up Your Corporate Space with Personalized Bean Bag Chairs

Social media touches every aspect of our lives. Businesses certainly aren't exempt from this effect. In order to woo potential customers and attract attention, businesses need to stand out from the crowd of generic web pages, billboards, and blank office spaces. Personalized bean bag chairs are a great way to liven up depressing corporate spaces!

• Show your customers how cool you are by seating them in bean bag chairs emblazoned with your company's name.

• Make company meetings more productive by replacing office chairs with comfy bean bags.

• For Employees of the Month, personalized bean bag chairs are a much classier option than plaques and gift cards.

• Open-design offices can use bean bag chairs to delineate departments and build team spirit.

• Mitigate on-the-job stress by creating a bean bag corner for employees to gather and blow off steam.

In the right context, bean bag chairs can be all business!

4 Ways to Improve Social Gatherings with Personalized Bean Bag Chairs

Humans are social animals. We enjoy gathering together in groups to share meals, ideas, and entertainment. However, traditional furniture options can make crowded gatherings a little uncomfortable. Use your personalized bean bag chairs to keep the party going.

• Hosting an all-night gaming party? Set out a few personalized bean bag chairs so everyone has a comfortable place to sit.

• Did your family designate you as the holiday host? Easy to clean bean bag chairs are a great way to cut down on clean-up time without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

• Do you regularly host parties at home? Keep your guests guessing with a selection of removable covers in different colors and designs.

• Do your gatherings often turn into slumber parties? Be prepared with versatile bean bag chairs that can double as temporary sleeping stations.

• Are you a diehard team supporter? Display your fandom at every game with a bean bag chair that proudly boasts the name of your favorite team, sport, or player.

Personalized bean bag chairs make get-togethers more fun for everyone.

Find your ideal combination of size, color, pattern, and embellishments in Ultimate Pillow's catalog of customizable bean bag chairs. With such a wide range of options, you're sure to find personalized bean bag chairs that fit your space and style.

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