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4 Reasons Why Customized Bean Bag Chairs Are the Best Possible Form of Furniture

Bean bag chairs are the perfect furniture for the new millennium. Couches, lounge chairs, and even beds become obsolete when these easy to use, clean, and move items are placed in your home. What makes our customized bean bag chairs the best furniture for your family?

Durable Materials

Couches and cushions feel nice and fluffy when you first buy them. After a few months of being thrown, punched, pinched, and pressed, the fluffy insides become flat and stiff. Instead of a comfortable piece of furniture, you're left with a soggy seat full of unpleasant pressure points.

Your furniture also battles exterior damage every day. Children with sticky hands, strong-willed pets who stake a claim to their favorite spot, and cigar-smoking grandpas all pose special threats your upholstery. Wear-and-tear from heavy traffic can leave your furniture looking dingy or in disrepair.

Our customized bean bag chairs are made from super-strong polyester fabrics that stay strong under daily stress. Don't let the soft texture fool you. These fabrics are designed to take a beating and still be beautiful.

When your covers do begin to fade, you won't need to chuck the entire chair. Instead, just purchase an extra cover. It's a good idea to keep a few covers on-hand for when you want to switch up looks or hide damage before company comes over.

Easy to Clean

Families with small children have a tough struggle with furniture. In between being used as walls for a fort or the mattress of a mock living room tent, your couch cushions can sustain some serious stains.

You can toss removable covers into the washing machine for a quick clean-up. But what happens when juice dribbles through the fabric-covered bag of cotton inside your cushions? Once stains soak in, it's almost impossible to get them out. Washing the stuffing might compromise the shape of your cushions, making it impossible to sit comfortably. In addition, improper drying can lead to mold growth inside your furniture. You might not see it, but you'll smell it every time you sit on your couch.

Besides fouling your air, moldy couch cushions are a serious health hazard. Each spore is a respiratory time bomb for family members with asthma, allergies, and other breathing conditions. In addition to mold spores, dust mites also collect in the soft warmness of your cotton-filled couch cushions. These tiny critters further compromise your breathing air and increase the chance of developing serious health conditions.

With our customized bean bag chairs, you'll never have to worry about moldy or unkempt cushions. Our polyester blends are naturally stain-resistant. A damp sponge takes care of most surface stains without leaving excess moisture in the stuffing. When it comes time for a deep clean, just toss your cover into the washer and follow with a quick round in the dryer for a germ-free finish.


Easy to Move

Customized bean bag chairs make entertaining more fun for everyone. Instead of being confined to one crowded piece of furniture, your guests can relax on a perfectly-sized chair. Our line of products includes optional ottomans to increase your comfort and seating options.

It's can be difficult to situate a large crowd in your living room around a focal point like a television or board game. You could spend hours tugging heavy furniture into a better position, rearranging the chairs from your dining room set, or finding alternative seating options like crates and folded-up bed linens. While these things work well in a pinch, you'll be stuck lugging all of those items back to their proper place at the end of your party.

While our bean bag chairs are hefty, they don't require as much strength or coordination to move as your couch set. The malleable shape also makes it easier to arrange them in tight quarters to accommodate larger gatherings. When you're done, pile your bean bag chairs in a corner until they're needed again. You could even use multiple bags to form a mock couch that easily breaks apart when you need to spread out. Just push them together, cover with a large sheet or blanket, and enjoy the extra lounge space. Along with easy cleanup, these qualities make bean bag chairs the best solution for in-home gatherings.

From gaming marathons to all-night television parties, bean bag chairs are the best way to keep your guests comfortable throughout your gathering.

Versatile Design Options

The first time you saw it, you probably loved your furniture set. The colors, patterns, and shapes drew your eye and made you imagine how beautiful it would look in your living room. Over time, however, your appreciation may have faded. How many times can you be expected to rejoice at the same dull design?

There are a few feasible options for changing up the look of your furniture. You can use blankets, afghans, and throw pillows to jazz up the look and feel. But these items can quickly become a burden, especially in homes with young children. The extra laundry and time needed to adjust and arrange them every day can be an unwelcome drain on your time.

With customized bean bag chairs, you won't have to invest in a new furniture set to change up your room's look. Our inventory includes covers in a range of colors and patterns, so you can get the look you want without added stress. Pick a few different colors that complement your existing decor to ensure you can always present your room in the best light.

Customized bean bag chairs solve many of the problems that families experience with their furniture. These flexible, fun, and low-maintenance pieces might make your home the most comfortable hangout spot on the block.

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