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4 Reasons to Replace Your Couch with Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

Gaming is more than a pastime. For some, it is an important social activity, a way to earn some extra change, and an art form to be appreciated. The hours of sitting at computers and gaming consoles pay off in high levels of self-satisfaction.

Comfort is a huge factor in the gaming community. Uncomfortable seating positions can compromise your playing and cost you important victories. In the pursuit of the ideal seating solution, many gamers spend a small fortune on specialized chairs and ergonomic gadgets that allow them to adjust their playing style in less-than-ideal situations.

Rather than throwing money into overpriced luxury items that don't always deliver on their promises, many gamers have discovered the economical comfort of bean bag chairs. These seating options are superior to other types of gaming chairs in a variety of ways. Are bean bag gaming chairs the answer to your leisure time seating situation? They may be if you fit any of the following categories.

Your Posture is Poor

Sitting for long periods of time is known to stress the hip and back muscles. This effect becomes more pronounced when you're forced to slouch, sit to one side, or keep your legs in an unnatural position.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs - Good Posture

Group gaming often means crowded quarters. With several people sitting on a couch or being forced to double over a controller while seated in a rickety dining room chair can intensify the negative effects of sitting. In the wrong chair, your leisure time plays havoc on your entire spine and could lead to lifelong health issues.

Ergonomically designed chairs include supports for the lumbar area of the spine. This preserves the natural curve of your spine throughout your gaming session. However, these devices come with a hefty price tag. Besides their often-outrageous costs, most of them are too cumbersome for smaller spaces.

Our bean bag gaming chairs are a great remedy for poor gaming posture. The cushy polyurethane filling adjusts to your body weight to fully support you in whatever position you choose. With the addition of our footstools, you can enjoy a comfortable experience, no matter where you place your chair. And, unlike other gaming chairs, you won't have to invest quadruple digits to get a product that actually works.

Your Space is Small

Gaming chairs are serious business. Many manufacturers load them with drink holders, snack trays, magazine bins, and an assortment of other accessories meant to make them the ultimate inconvenience. All these amenities add up to big space demands. Include all the hardware and attachments for posture and comfort and these devices quickly become much too large for many modern spaces.

Group gamers also have big issues with small spaces. A collection of crates, cushions, and folding chairs might give everyone the opportunity to have a seat, but it won't necessarily be a comfortable one. However, with limited space, it can be impossible to give everyone a good seating option.

Bean bag gaming chairs eliminate the space issue. Compact models like the Ultimate Sack 3000 take up a little more one foot of floor space. Keep a few in your storage closet. When your couch overflows, set them out so latecomers can still have a pleasant seat.

The Corner Sack another solution for smaller spaces. This giant bag transforms your spare corners into a plush seating area. Add a few Ultimate Throw Pillows to create a customized couch that your friends will want to claim as their own.

You Have Little Ones

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs | Kid Sized Comfort

Kids and gaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, when that jelly gets smeared all over your exorbitantly priced gaming chair, it can be difficult to contain the resulting emotions. Beyond their messy ways, younger gamers sometimes have a hard time containing their natural exuberance, which could lead to broken pieces on your luxury gaming chair or damage to your regular furniture.

Our Kids Sack chairs are the perfect size for smaller bodies. Little ones between the ages of 2 and 5 years can lounge out on these cushy bean bag gaming chairs while playing their favorite games. The super sturdy design includes double stitching, which makes it nearly impossible to bust or break. And if their little hands get into something grimey, just remove the cover and toss it in the washer.

Unlike your couch and other upholstered items, you won't have to worry about spilled juice or other liquid splashes. A waterproof inner lining keeps the filling clean and pristine, no matter what happens on the outside. If your wild ones do manage to puncture the ultra-thick lining, you won't have to chuck the entire bean bag chair. We carry replacement parts for all our current models.

For bigger kids, upgrade to an Ultimate Sack 3000 to give them more wiggle room. Or go big with the Ultimate Sack 6000 to seat several tikes at one time. Gamer dogs love our Ultimate Dog Beds!

You Like to Change Things Up

What's more boring than staring at the same colors and patterns constantly? In between gaming sessions, you're going to have to look around your living area. To look it's best, your gaming area should naturally incorporate into the rest of your room. Specialty gaming chairs can clash with many decor styles, making them a glaring eyesore that compromises the entire feel of the room.

With our bean bag gaming chairs, you can enjoy a variety of colors, patterns, and textures without investing in additional pieces of furniture. Our interchangeable covers let you easily switch up the look of your bean bag chair whenever the mood strikes.

Portability is another big advantage of bean bag gaming chairs. If you don't want them in your room, simply move them to a storage closet or slide them under the bed and out of sight. This makes it easy to change up your space when you need it most.

Bean bag gaming chairs cost less than many other seating options. They are also more convenient, comfortable, and easier to clean. In the end, however, bean bag gaming chairs are simply the most fun way to find your perfect gaming position.

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