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The Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Giant Bean Bag

When was the last time you saw a giant bean bag chair? If it has been long since you set your eyes on one, you'll be surprised, to say the least. The once familiar and monstrous looking vinyl bean bag chairs have evolved. Today, they are incredibly funky, comfortable and stylish; a must-have addition for every home. Currently, we offer them in all shapes, sizes, and designs. This allows you to choose a chair that blends with your decor, turning your home into a cozy little piece of heaven. If you'd like to incorporate bean bag chairs into your home, but don't know what purpose they can serve, relax. You are in the perfect place because below is a round-up of grown-up ways to enjoy a giant bean bag.

Use them to create a comfy haven for Fido

If you're a dog owner, you know how stressful it is to remove your dog’s fur from your couch and other furniture. Thanks to bean bag chairs, you can now say goodbye to such headaches because they are an ideal spot for your pets. If you are wondering why we suggest them instead of traditional pet beds, the answer to that is quite simple. Besides being unique, our bean bag chairs boast removable and washable covers that make cleaning easy. Also, there is a reason why they are called giant bean bag chairs. They are big enough to comfortably accommodate more than one dog or any other four-legged family member. This can save on the cost of having to purchase two separate pet beds. Unlike most traditional pet beds, giant bean bag chairs are made of durable fabric and are stuffed with high-quality memory foam. This makes them fluffy enough for your pets to comfortably snuggle into. It also keeps your furry best friend away from the couch, your bed, and other pieces of furniture. Such a great way to save time and the stress of cleaning, especially if they shed fur a lot.

For your reading corner

One interesting fact about these bean bag chairs is that despite their size, they fit in almost any setting. One such setting is your reading corner. Take your reading and studying moments a notch higher. Consider substituting the common table and chair in your reading corner with one comfy bean bag. Even better, use one giant bean bag chair and a few smaller ones to create an exotic uber-comfortable reading zone. Doing so not only helps you achieve a comfortable feel but also creates a casual look. Incorporating them into your reading corner helps your interior style stand out from others and delivers real comfort. Your friends will want to change their ordinary reading corners too.

Host your movie nights in style

Even though movie nights are quite exciting, you can add even more excitement to them by switching up the setting. For instance, watching movies while curled up with blankets on the couch is what most people are used to. However, try placing several giant bean bag chairs in the middle of the room. Add a few blankets, bring in the popcorn and movie night snacks–presto–the mood is set for a fun night ahead. Even if a friend or family member had other plans, they'd likely drop their plans and join you in your binge-watching spree. Apart from setting the mood, watching a movie while lying on one is much comfier than doing so while curled up on the couch. Our bean bag chairs and their fluffiness tend to snuggle you into them and make everyone comfortable.

Use giant bean bag chairs as guest beds

Not everyone can afford to have a guest room. This should not limit you from having a group of friends sleep over at your house. Besides being an ideal pet bed and the perfect place to rest on while watching a movie or reading your favorite novel, a giant bean bag can also double up as a bed. All you need to do is to flatten it out, spread a sheet or cover on it, and add a pillow and blanket. Your friends or your kid's friends will have a night of relaxed and undisturbed sleep. Using it for this purpose not only ensures your friends have a place to sleep but also saves on space. You can merely flatten them out during the night and remove them during the day. This is incredibly convenient in comparison to a permanent bed. It also saves you a few bucks; giant bean bag chairs are much cheaper in comparison to traditional beds.

Use them in the gaming room

Ordinary furniture can be quite expensive, which means furnishing your gaming room can leave a massive hole in your bank account. Fortunately, if it has always been your dream to own a gaming room, then we have good news for you. All you need to do is purchase and install the relevant gaming equipment in your selected gaming room and then throw in a few giant bean bag chairs to complete it. This is an incredibly cheap alternative and what’s even more intriguing is that it will be way more comfortable to play while resting on a giant bean bag in comparison to a regular chair. Also, this helps you create a unique space and at the same time helps set the mood for relaxation.

Final thoughts

Besides the above-listed ways, there are so many ways in which you can use a giant bean bag. What's even better is that they suit any setting irrespective of space. Whether you live in a family home or rent a small apartment, you can trust bean bag chairs to create an elegant look and at the same time offer you convenience and comfort at an affordable cost.
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