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How to Fill a Bean Bag Chair

How to Fill a Bean Bag Chair

All bean bags can naturally lose their shape over time. The daily weight and pressure from regular use can cause the fillings to shift, leading to reduced plumpness and overall comfort. The good news is you can refill bean bag chairs quickly and easily! If you're wondering how to fill a bean bag chair, this guide is for you. Read on and learn to refill bean bag chairs effectively in five easy steps.

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed To Refill Bean Bag Chairs

Before we delve into the steps on how to fill a bean bag chair, here’s a list of materials you will need:

  • Filling for a bean bag chair
  • A wide-mouth funnel
  • Container or bin
  • Zip ties or clips
  • Scoop or measuring cup 

Step 2: Prepare the Filling

The filling for bean bag chairs directly influences the support, comfort and overall experience of relaxing in these cozy chairs. There are generally two types of filling:

  • Beans: These are usually made of polystyrene, and offer a classic and firm feel. They conform to the shape of your body, providing solid support.
  • Foam Pellets: Flexible and lightweight, their conforming ability provides excellent support and reduces pressure points.

If you're using traditional beans, ensure they are clean and dry. Regardless of the filling you choose, make sure it is durable, high-quality and hypoallergenic.

Step 3: Create a Funnel

If you do not have a wide-mouth funnel, then you can create a makeshift one by repurposing a plastic waste paper bin or a plastic bucket with a wide opening. Once you have the funnel, you can carefully unzip your bean bag chair. After this, position the wide-mouth funnel into the chair's opening and tighten the zipper.

You don’t have to remove the old beans. You can simply add the right amount of new beans until the bean bag reaches its ideal firmness. However, if you aim to restore the comfort level you enjoyed before, we recommend emptying the bean bag completely and replacing it with fresh fillings.

Step 4: Carefully Pour the Filling

Use a measuring cup to scoop the filling for bean bag chairs and slowly pour it into a steady stream. Use clips or zip ties to secure the bag's shape while you work. 

Keep an eye on the bean bag’s contours and dimensions to ensure you reach your desired level of comfort and fluffiness. 

Step 5: Fluff and Adjust

Once you've filled your bean bag, zip it tightly and give it a thorough shake and fluff to achieve the ideal, huggable shape. Take a moment to test your creation and adjust accordingly to ensure it meets your comfort preferences.

Shop Premium-Quality Bean Bags

By following the steps on how to fill a bean bag chair, you can ensure your favorite relaxation spot remains plush and inviting. 

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