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5 Tips to Make Your Bean Bag Bed Extra Comfy

We’re calling it: bean bag beds are a necessity, especially now that the work-from-home setup is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for employees. These delicate pieces of furniture are also a stylish, more comfortable replacement for standard ones. Plus, when it comes to choices, it’s easier than ever to find something that fits your preferences.

Did you know you can choose a model according to your size? That’s the first step to making your bean bag bed extra comfy. Customize it to your needs. After all, you’d want something that lets you stretch out satisfyingly before napping during breaks or sleeping sweetly after calling it a day.

In addition to that, here are five more tips to help you keep your bean bag chair bed cozy and plush when you use it:

Choose Soothing or Matching Colors

A giant bean bag bed can soften a corner or amp up a space, so your color choice matters. Go for lighter hues like camel, grey, or ivory, which have a soothing effect on the senses. You can also pick a shade that blends with the room’s palette. A contrasting color can jazz things up, but it may not have the same calming appeal.

One thing to remember here is to aim for a relaxing atmosphere. And your color choice can definitely make or break that.

Throw in Your Favorite Pillows and Blankets

The best bean bag beds often come with the softest fabric, allowing you to use your bean bag right out of the box. But if you’re planning to sleep on your bean bag, it won’t hurt to recreate the homey feel of your bed. This is your cue to relocate those pillows. Add quilts or blankets, and if you’re up for it, place a liner to protect the fabric and fillers from moisture, stains, and other potential hazards.

Don’t forget to slip under the sheets with your lower back in the middle of the bean bag bed to hit maximum comfort levels.

Wear Your Comfiest Clothes and Pajamas

Snoozing, whether short or lasting up to nine hours, is about releasing tension and letting go of all your cares. That’s why you wear loose clothes and remove items that restrict your movement, such as jewelry. Some people do prefer form-fitting nighties. But, it helps to keep in mind that this can affect your breathing and circulation, according to science – so it’s something worth thinking about.

The same principles apply when you’re spending the night on your bean bag chair bed. So ditch the earrings, jump into your cotton jammies (or any fabric that suits you), and settle in for a great night’s sleep.

Add a Footrest, Floor Lamp, and Other Enhancements

Let’s talk about adding a stool first. Placing a footrest in front of your bed is ideal for short shut-eye sessions, especially if you’re sleep-deprived the previous night.

Pro-tip: Putting your legs at a slightly lower height than the chair also helps reduce back strain while working, so it’s a win-win situation.

Moreover, surrounding your bean bag with a lamp and side table allows you to get direct light on your furniture. This instantly improves your space and enables you to enjoy reading a book before dozing off.

Clean It Like a Mattress

Maintenance plays a key role in keeping your giant bean bag bed super comfy. For example, how would you feel if the filler starts to get lumpy and the fabric begins to sag? Before this effect of daily wear and tear stresses you out, ensure you have some maintenance rules in place.

You can occasionally puff up, roll over, and clean up your bean bag like a mattress. But, of course, make sure to follow the care instructions that came with the furniture.

At Ultimate Sack, we provide detailed guides on setting up your large bean bags and caring for them so they last a long time.

Where To Buy Big Bean Bag Bed

Are you still thinking about where to buy big bean bag bed? Ultimate Sack offers a lineup of the best bean bag beds for your ultimate sleeping comfort. Our excellent-quality foam-filled chairs are suitable for adults and children alike. Further, we let you customize the features while keeping our prices friendly on your wallet. Our bean bag chair beds come in various sizes, styles, and colors – you can order one with a footrest and add blankets and throw pillows too!

Shop our bean bags today for your end-to-end comfort and convenience. You deserve nothing less.
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