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Bean Bag Chairs for Kids Buying Guide: How to Find the Best

Even though they have been here for close to a century now, today’s bean bag chairs for kids are much sleeker, more comfortable, multi-functional, and can suit almost any setting. Beanbags add a bounty of style and a touch of glamour to any home. We recommend them as a must have for any home with kids. No parent wants to clean milkshake, yogurt, ice cream and other types of spills and messes on furniture. Because kids are energetic and playful souls, it is essential that parents ensure they have safe, comfortable, and relaxing options. Nothing defines this better than a bean bag. We’ve compiled a list of factors that you should have in mind while purchasing bean bag chairs for kids.


The intriguing fact about bean bag chairs for kids is that you can use them in any setting. You find them everywhere, from your living room to gaming rooms. However, a bean bag chair in your kid's playroom may experience more wear and tear than one in their bedroom. Kids tend to spend more time in the gaming/playroom than they do in the bedroom. Keeping this in mind, you should highly consider where the bean bag you are planning to purchase will be used. This will often dictate or help you determine the type of fabric or material to order. For a chair in the gaming room, buy a bean bag chair that has a durable fabric like polyester. This tough but comfortable material can withstand the pressure that kids dish out. This includes being pounded, squashed, sat on and played on now and then. Also, do not forget that this is a kid's play area/bedroom, and as such, it needs to look lively. Fortunately, we boast a diverse array of covers in a variety of colors and playful patterns. Our chairs complement the energy of whichever room set the bean bag is in.

Size, shape, and design of bean bag chairs for kids

We manufacture bean bag chairs for kids in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are designed specifically for kids while others are suited for adults only. So you don't end up with the wrong size, our bean bag chairs for kids are easy to identify. Our photos will clearly show how a kid will fit on a kid-sized chair. Be confident that while shopping for your adorable child, the most suitable size will be shown with a child. It is clear that children grow up fast, and you may wish to consider a bean bag that will still suit them in the future. This will prevent the hassle of having to purchase another one when your once little kid is not little anymore. To choose the perfect fit for them, consider their height and size, i.e., the taller they are, the bigger the bean bag needed. Also, remember that the chairs come in a myriad of shapes and designs. If you are looking for one that offers an incredible aesthetic appeal to blend in with your decor, consider these shapes:

• Round

• Pear

• Pancake

• Teardrop

The quality and quantity of fill The type of fill that a bean bag contains determines not only how comfortable it will be in the long run but also how long it will last. There are various types of fillings used in bean bag chairs. Some manufacturers use furniture pads, which are not only uncomfortable but also tend to wear out fast. Other manufacturers use wood shavings. To save yourself the frustration, we recommend that you shop for polyurethane memory foam filled bags. They are not only durable but also tend to conform to the body shape of your kid, thereby ensuring total comfort. Too much fill causes a bean bag to be hard and uncomfortable, and vice versa. Besides the quality, this is why you should also consider the quantity of fill. Be sure there is enough to make it fluffy for your child to rest or play on. Our bean bag chairs for kids guarantee you of such comfort because we carefully select the type of materials to use when making the kid's bean bag chairs.

Washable materials

It is no secret that kids are messy, and as such, you should expect that any bean bag meant for them will be heavily abused. Your children will want to eat their sticky food, their candy, their milkshakes and hang out with the kids next door while sitting in their bean bag chair. These are typical behaviors for all kids, and there is nothing to worry about with Ultimate Sack chairs. What you can do, however, is look for bean bag chairs for kids that have a zip off cover that you can remove and wash whenever the need arises. Besides, a removable cover comes with the added advantage of enabling you to customize. For instance, you can exchange one cover with another, thereby creating a different look for your kid's room.


The more extended the warranty, the more confident you can be about its quality. We have total faith in the quality and durability of our products. This is why we offer an extended warranty to guarantee you that our bean bag chairs for kids leave no room for disappointment.


Every parent wants what is best for their children. In respect to that, it is essential as a parent to purchase a bean bag chair for kids that you consider safe. Its safety revolves around the type of fill that it contains and also the fabric. If your kids are under the age of ten, a bag containing bean or polystyrene beads might pose a safety hazard if it becomes loose or tears. Also, some bags are made of vinyl fabric which at times might contain lead thereby causing more harm than good. Therefore, ensure that you consider how safe the materials used in making the bag are, before purchasing it. Fortunately, all our bean bag chairs for kids are made of high-quality liners and are filled with top-notch memory foam stuffing, hence eliminating safety hazards.

Other factors to consider

• Portability, i.e., can it be moved from one place to another?

• The number of kids that will sit on it. Some bean bags only accommodate one child at a time while others can accommodate even three.

• Is it pet-friendly?

Final thoughts

Now that you know what to look for, you can make an informed selection when purchasing bean bag chairs for kids. What’s even better is that you don’t have to look far and wide to get a bag that has the above features—because we have them! You can order our beanbag chairs in all sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. We try our best to spoil you with choices and multiple options, enabling your children to enjoy being kids.
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