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How does the Ultimate Sack Compare

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How does ultimate sack size up?
<h4>Compare Ultimate Sack</h4>
<p>Love it! I can't believe I almost spent three times more on a Love Sac. Thank you guys, this thing came in 4 days and it's everything I hoped for."<strong>- Sean, New Jersey</strong></p>
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<h4>we manufacture everything here!</h4>
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How Does Ultimate Sack <br>Size Up?
<p>Maybe you have heard of Love Sac®; maybe you even own one. We did too, until we decided to search for a better bean bag chair. Our business was born when we decided to embark on a mission for better, more affordable, more comfortable foam furniture. We love these big, comfortable sacks, but we don't think they should cost an arm and a leg. We wanted more colors, more fabric options, and we wanted all of this for a lower price. Well, we found a way. We are the manufacturers of the original Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair. We make them here in the USA and we ship them straight from our factory, which is why we can charge less. If you are wondering why our sacks are better, check out the differences between us and our competitors above.</p>
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<p>You know why we can charge less, and can offer so many more colors and fabrics? Because these foam-filled chairs are our specialty, so you get to choose from over 60 colors and fabrics when you order from us. This is furniture, and it should match your lifestyle and your decor. To top it all off, our FREE SHIPPING places Ultimate Sack at the top of the list. Not only are our sacks cheaper, but we do not charge you shipping - at all! If you are still skeptical, take a look at our Testimonials page. You can see for yourself why time and time again, customers have trusted us over Love Sac for their comfy foam bag chairs. We hope you will have the experience of relaxing in our chairs along with knowing that you did not have to empty your pockets. We are sure you will love our sacks. Take a look at our selection!</p>
<p>No matter how you slice it, Ultimate Sack provides one of the best products in the foam furniture industry. As makers of the bean bags, and - frankly - as users of giant foam bean bags in our own homes, we understand the importance of providing the best quality foam, the largest number of choices, and the best prices around. Why should you have to pay for some lower quality product when you could choose the Ultimate Sack and get the best, for the best price as well?</p>
<h4>How Does the Love Sac Compare?</h4>
<p>One of the biggest things to realize when you are looking at one of the Love Sac bean bag chairs is that it is made in China, while our bean bag chairs are made here in the United States. Even beyond any consideration of product quality, the geography means one very large difference - the shipping time. Once you place an order for an Ultimate Sack, you'll have it shipped to you in days, whereas with a Love Sac, you'll be lucky if you get it in two to three weeks. Who has that kind of time to wait for a bean bag chair to show up?</p>
<p>Even beyond the shipping time, one of the biggest differences between Love Sac and the Ultimate Sack is the price. When we were first looking for good bean bag chair products, we were amazed to find that a six-foot-sized sack could cost more than seven hundred dollars! Even when we looked at children-sized bean bag chairs, they were still over a hundred dollars - a ridiculous price when you consider how hard children and teens can be on furniture. While their product was certainly "kind of" durable, there was absolutely no way to know what the parts were made out of in order to assure us that the Love Sac would withstand the forces of nature that we call our kids.</p>
<h4>So How About the Comfy Sack?</h4>
<p>Another common brand that people go looking for is the Comfy Sack. As we continued our exploration of bean bag chairs and foam furniture, we looked over their price lists and the type of quality we could expect; boy were we disappointed! To begin with, while the prices weren't as bad as those of the made-in-China bean bag manufacturer, the Comfy Sack options were still incredibly expensive, with their top of the line bean bag chair being well over three hundred dollars. Their children's option was still about one hundred dollars or more, but we hadn't quite found the biggest difference yet.</p>
<p>One of the biggest differences between Comfy Sack and all the rest was the quality of foam! When we opened up the product to check if the foam was something we would like, we were amazed to find that they used shredded furniture foam - the type that goes into lower quality couches and the like. This was not what we wanted in our bean bag chairs or love seats. We wanted only the best, cleanest, never used before foam to go into every single one of our Ultimate Sack choices.</p>
<h4>What About the Other Makers?</h4>
<p>We took a look at other manufacturers, too; beyond Love Sac and Comfy Sack, we found that the quality steadily got worse. Some of the products we found reminded us of the first generation bean bag chairs that we had as kids back in the nineties - hard pebbles of plastic instead of foam - not to mention the fact that the bags were almost never fully filled. While Love Sac has a lot of stuffing, like we do, these bags were even worse than Comfy Sack and their open air space inside the sack.</p>
<p>Furthermore, we couldn't even figure out where these bean bag chairs were made, except to know that they were not made in the US. For most foam furniture companies, doing bean bags can be a really cheap process for them - something that they don't really put any kind of care or craftsmanship into, and so they'll let just any manufacturer overseas make them.</p>
<h4>Ultimate Sack - the Best in Show!</h4>
<p>If there is one thing, beyond everything else, that sets us apart from Love Sac or Comfy Sack, it is this: we specialize in bean bag and foam furniture. We're the people who make it, and so we stand behind our product and can easily control the price, quality, and support we offer. If you're going to look at spending over a thousand dollars with some other company to re-do your home with foam furniture, why don't you give Ultimate Sack a try? See how much better life can be when you're with the best!</p>
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