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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I choose an Ultimate Sack over other foam filled products?


    At Ultimate Sack we won't limit your choices when it comes to fabrics, colors, textures, patterns or size like some other companies selling an inferior product that they claim is similar to ours will. The variety in our products as well as the fact that each Ultimate Sack is proudly manufactured here in America by a family owned business are just a couple of things that separate us from the competition. You'll notice many other brands, such as Love Sack® are manufacturers in China. Get the best price, free shipping and relax in your sack!

  • What does manufacturer direct mean?


    This means that our products are created directly here in our warehouse in Ohio and are shipped from us to you. We are also registered and certified by the State of Ohio that we use all new materials in the construction of your Ultimate Sack.

  • Other companies that offer a similar product seem to have a lot of disclaimers that come with their big bean bag chairs, yours doesn't though, why?


    We wanted to create a product that is comfortable and simple. We know that you’re busy and the last thing you want is another object in your home taking up room that you have to spend your free time taking cautious care of. Relaxing and having fun shouldn’t have to create more work for you.

  • I can't decide which fabric or color I want, how can I know which one is right for me?


    Send an email to with your address and we would be happy to send you samples of our colors and materials used to build the Ultimate Sack.

  • When can I expect to receive my Ultimate Sack once it is ordered?


    Some sites will have you waiting up to 4 weeks until they ship your product to you, with Ultimate Sack orders typically only take up to 2 weeks to ship. Items can be shipped as soon as next day, if it is a color and fabric that we have in stock. Customized embroidery will add an additional day to the shipping time. All products are shipped FedEx Ground from Ohio. Once your Ultimate Sack is shipped you will receive an email from FedEx with the tracking information as well as an estimated delivery date when you can expect to receive your Ultimate Sack.

  • Why aren't your products as expensive as other similar product?


    We are a family owned and operated business which allows us to keep our overhead at a minimum. We also do not have any physical retail locations. Therefore, we are able to pass this savings along to our customers. Get the best for half the price of a Love Sac®!

  • How do I maintain my Ultimate Sack?


    All of the outer covers are removable and machine washable. They can be dried on a low/delicate cycle. To maximize comfort in your Ultimate Sack, fluff the sack frequently.

  • What do I need to do when I get my Ultimate Sack?


    Remove your sack of foam from the box along with the outer cover. Remove the foam from the canvas bag. DO NOT USE A KNIFE, SCISSORS OR OTHER SHARP INSTRUMENT TO REMOVE THE CLEAR BAG FROM THE FOAM BRICK AS THIS MAY RESULT IN DAMAGING THE INNER LINER!! Carefully remove the clear bag from around the foam brick. The foam will already be encased in the inner liner. Leave the foam inside the inner liner. Use your hands to break apart the brick of foam.

    The more you break apart the foam, the fuller your sack will get. You can also help to break the foam apart by moving the inner liner around and rotating it. Once the foam is broken your Ultimate Sack will have significantly increased in size. Then, you may zip your outer cover into place around the inner liner. Your Ultimate Sack will continue to expand and increase in size for several days after opening.

  • Do you have a warranty?


    A 10 year manufacturer warranty is limited to the life of the product on zippers, fabric, seams, and foam. Coverage is limited to guarantee against manufacturer's defects directly resulting in product failures not stemming from use, abuse, or excessive wear. Product used for commercial purposes is not covered by said warranty.

    To take advantage of our 10 year manufacturer warranty please follow these steps: The original purchaser must contact Ultimate Sack ( or through Facebook ( with their order number, shipping address, the reason for contact, and a photo of the sack that’s needing attention.

  • What if I want to return my Ultimate Sack? How long do I have? Do you charge a re-stocking fee?


    We will accept returns for a full refund within 15 days of purchase (double the amount of time as some other manufacturers) if the product is not customized. Customized products are non-refundable. If the product is defective or damaged due to shipping when it arrives we will replace the damaged item at our expense, otherwise the return shipping will be at the expense of the customer.

  • I have received my Ultimate Sack, but do not like the cover fabric/color, can I exchange it?


    Give us a call and we would be happy to exchange it for you! Customer is responsible for return shipping to our warehouse, plus an $25 exchange fee. Please call to let us know which cover fabric/color you would like.

  • Can the Ultimate Sack footstool be used with any Ultimate Sack?


    Yes, the Ultimate Sack footstool is an all purpose footstool that can work anywhere you can imagine, just like all of the accessories at Ultimate Sack.

  • Is our website secure?


    All of your information is transferred through our website using 128-bit security encryption. Basically, there is no way anyone can view or see your information. Even we cannot see your credit card number.

  • How long will it take for my Ultimate sack to arrive?


    Please allow up to 2 weeks shipping time for your Ultimate Sack to arrive. They do typically arrive much sooner however, so you may want to look at our FEDEX SHIPPING MAP to see the approximate shipping time.

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