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Using bean bag chairs as contemporary living room ideas

Have you ever wanted a comfortable, flexible, and high quality chair for your living room? Look no further than a bean bag chair. Most homeowners wonder how a bean bag chair can attain so many qualities and add so much décor to your living room space. The answer lies in the bean bag chairs themselves. Not only are they available in multiple shapes and sizes, but they’re also filled with high quality memory foam that makes them a top choice for a comfortable living room chair. If you’re searching for contemporary living room ideas, you may have your answer in the cozy, fluffy bean bag chair. So how can you take these products to the next level and use them as contemporary living room furniture?

The bean bag chairs should reflect the size of the room

A balanced living room looks neat, tidy and attractive. Your bean bag chairs should therefore complement the size of the room. In other words, don’t use an oversized chair in a small living room or an undersized chair in a larger room. The secret lies in achieving the right balance. At Ultimate Sack, our bean bag chairs come in a range of shapes and sizes suited for many living rooms. We have three different large sacks, a kid's sack, large floor pillows, corner sacks, and even dog beds. The sack is a great option for medium and large living rooms. It fits both children and adults, and can be used to complement the sitting space provided by the couch. You no longer have to worry about where you’ll get extra sitting space when you have guests over.

Match fabric and texture

In order to obtain a classy and stylish living room, you need to match the fabric and texture of your bean bag chairs with your living room furniture. At Ultimate Sack, you will not be short of choices. Rather than using a single bag with no liner, our bean bag chairs consist of durable inner and outer liners that add quality to the chair. We also have customizable covers for the bean bag chair, that come in a variety of colors to suit your tastes. In addition, all our products are locally assembled, giving us the control and oversight of the entire production process. To spice up your living room, mix-and-match our comfortable and durable covers with our bean bag chairs and your home furniture. Earth tones on your walls and floors can be matched with slightly bold covers that create a contrasting tone in your living room.

Be creative with the design

In order to use bean bag chairs as contemporary living room ideas, you need to be bold and creative in your living room. Experiment with multiple shapes, and use bean bag chairs in areas of the room that you hadn’t through of before. The 4000, 5000 or 6000 ultimate sack chairs bean bag chairs can fit perfectly in living room spaces. They can also make the entire space comfortable for the family, from kids to the parents. Add some bookshelves around the area to give your living room a formal look.

Don’t compromise on quality

In order for your bean bag chairs to truly become contemporary living room furniture, they must live up to the required quality standards. This means that they must be durable and comfortable. At Ultimate Sack, balancing between quality and price was our biggest challenge when starting off. To address this problem, we made sure that all our bean bag chairs were made of new, high quality foam, as opposed to used and cut up furniture pads. We also made sure that our chairs were not filled with air in place of the quality foam. This is part of the reason why our bean bag chairs are a perfect fit for gamers. You can now spend long hours on a bean bag chair that has 100% foam, rather than air and furniture cuttings that lead to soreness.
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