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The Giant Bean Bag Chair and You

Ultimate Sack has the simple goal of helping everyone get into their own bean bag and beyond their thoughts that a giant bean bag chair isn’t sophisticated enough for an adult. By and large, Ultimate Sack is the single best manufacturers of bean bag furniture on the market, mainly because all of our products are US-made as well as produced. Because of that, we’re able to put out some of the highest quality items that are great as kids bean bag chair choices as well as for adults.

What most people don’t realize is that owning a bean bag chair can be incredibly good for you. For years, doctors have been recommending a giant bean bag chair as a solution for patients with back issues or even for those recovering from back surgery. The reason for this is perfect support that only the best bean bag chair can provide. Unlike a normal chair, our bean bag chairs perfectly conform to your back and are filled with enough foam and fluff to keep you supported, off the ground, and as comfortable as possible.

We also offer a wide selection of kid’s bean bag chair choices so you can find the right color combination and size for your child or teenager. No matter if it is our Corner Sack for family reading time, our Pillow Sack for playtime, or just an Ultimate 4000 for your small one, each Ultimate Sack is made from durable, high quality, and most importantly, child-resistant fabric. Additionally, each zipper is childproof, so that you never have to worry about your child being in any danger of getting into the bag.

A Giant Bean Bag Chair Overview

Ultimate Sack started with the simple idea that everyone in the house could love a foam sack chair. After all, they are soft, comfortable, and above all, durable. Even the smallest member of your family can find their relaxation and enjoyment in a kid’s bean bag chair. Our Kid Sack is perfect for children between the ages of two and five because it only weighs twenty-five pounds and comes with a durable and removable outer liner – perfect for when the little one accidentally spills their juice while watching their favorite movies or cartoons.

One step up from that is our Ultimate 4000, which is perfect for your older children or pre-teens. Weighing up to forty pounds, it is a bit larger than the Kid Sack and thus able to hold significantly more weight without giving up any of the fluff or comfort required of our giant bean bag chair. Because older children tend to want more options and have a wider sense of their own tastes, the 4000 comes in a broader selection of colors and prints so that you, or your child, can find the right match that balances their sense of taste and your sense of decor.

The Ultimate 5000 is a nice balance between an overlarge bean bag chair and a kid’s bean bag chair. It’s certainly large enough to accommodate a teenager or adult, but also small enough to allow for kids to comfortably snuggle into it as well. If you’re looking for some kind of giant bean bag chair, but don’t want it to dominate the space of your living room or den, then this is the bean bag for you.

Finally, there is the Ultimate 6000. This is one of the largest bean bag chairs that we offer and is a great addition to any room. At around six feet in diameter and weighing as much as seventy-five pounds, the Ultimate 6000 is a perfect replacement for a couch or love seat and allows you and the whole family to relax in front of the TV or for family reading time. Easily our most popular product, the 6000 is great for a solo person as well because of the sheer amount of foam and comfort this giant bean bag chair offers.

Ultimate Sack, however, also offers other types of the best bean bag chair around. One such example is our Corner Sack. While our 6000 line is one of the single largest bean bag chairs, both in weight and diameter, the Corner Sack is specifically designed to fit right into the corner of a room and provide a fluffy and comfortable place for reading or watching television. The Comfy Corner weighs around the same amount as our Ultimate 5000 but is wedge-shaped in order to fit that one corner for which you cannot quite find the right furniture. Because it measures around thirty-six inches high, the Corner Sack is perfect for those afternoons with a good book or napping during the rain.

Finally, there is a member of the family that we haven’t considered yet. We’ve discussed children of every age and even adults, but Ultimate Sack offers some of the best bean bag chair options for the four-legged members of your house as well! While you could certainly go almost anywhere to get a dog bed, not all dog beds are created equal. Many of them are filled with cheap padding or are poorly made, meaning that your pet’s nails and movement will cause it to rip or tear early. Furthermore, if you’re looking to get a comfortable spot for Rover to lay on, generic dog beds are often the worst choice because they’re filled with cheap foam or worse.

Further, one of the most common reasons that people buy a giant bean bag chair for their pet is because of their pet’s health. As dogs get older, it can be entirely normal for them to develop arthritis in their joints, just like humans. This can make jumping up onto the couch or the human’s bed incredibly difficult. One way of fixing that is to use the Ultimate Sack dog bed which gives them the same level of comfort and relaxation which you enjoy, but at a level where they do not need to strain or hurt themselves in order to get to it

Many people buy Ultimate Sack Dog Beds because of the quality of the craftsmanship; much like all of our other beds, each one is made from durable suede leather and has an inner sack of rugged canvas in order to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. Furthermore, because we understand that even pets have accidents, the liner remains removable with an equally durable #10 zipper that has been carefully attached to the bag. We’ve got the best bean bag dog beds for your pet!

Even More Options!

Because we believe that you should be able to provide as many options as possible, if we’re going to be the best bean bag chair maker in the business, we also offer supplemental products to go along with our bean bag chairs. After all, the only thing that is better than curling up within a giant bean bag chair is also having an ottoman at your feet so that you can relax and put your feet up. Bean bag footrests are available for almost all of our products, allowing you to give your rooms a more complete sense of furniture between the love seat and ottoman. Because both can come in a variety of colors or patterns, you should have no problem matching your set up to your room, even if it is a set for the living room or a kids bean bag chair set for their room.

Additionally, if you ever change your mind regarding your color pattern, decor, or the like, we also offer the outer liner for less than the cost of an entirely new Ultimate Sack. This lets you shift and reuse liners as often as you like as well as giving you the flexibility to decide on different themes, color patterns, or design elements for your kid’s bean bag chair.

Finally, for the person who has no idea what to get, Ultimate Sack offers the ability to send email gift certificates. These are perfect for someone who wants to get, or give, an Ultimate Sack gift, but is uncertain as to the size or color choice desired. An example of this would include wanting to send one of our 5000 line foam bags to a child who is away at college. By sending the email certificate, they can choose the color combination and specific details that they want and thus get the best bean bag chair for them.

Simply the Best in the Business

All you have to do is compare any of our Ultimate Sack products to any competitor, be it Love Sac, Comfy Sac, or anyone else. You will find that while there are certainly some points where our competitors equal our quality or options. The difference can literally be felt between our giant bean bag chair and theirs. Ours often weigh more because we’ve stuffed them full of foam. Further, because we use only the highest quality foam, and never use recycled furniture pads as stuffing, it is a difference that you can feel when you sit down, as well.

Beyond the quality factor, something that is far more important to most people is the price. In today’s economy, people do not have a large amount of spare cash to waste, and so they want to get the best bean bag chair for the lowest cost, regardless of if it is a kid’s bean bag chair or adults. Because all of our products are made right here in Hudson, Ohio, we can afford to keep our prices low as well as often offering free shipping to anywhere in the country. You’ll never have to pay or wait for some slow international shipping boat to get around to making the trek from the middle of nowhere in order to enjoy your foam bag.

Finally, one of the things which makes us the best in the business is our willingness to stand behind our product. Unlike other companies, who may only be the retailer for the bag, we are both the maker and seller of Ultimate Sack. This allows us to keep tight control over the quality of our product as well as gives us the flexibility to fix them without any kind of hassle. Because of that, we give a three-year limited warranty on all of our products that requires no registration, no hassle, and no drama. Simply put, if something breaks or tears because of how we made it, we’ll replace it with no issues and for free. We take pride in our work and so we stand behind every single Ultimate Sack that leaves our factory.

So why wait? When choosing the giant bean bag chair that is right for you, look no further.

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