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Living room furniture ideas using bean bag chairs

When you think of living room furniture, bean bag is probably not the first thing you think of-- unless you are looking to furnish your college apartment. We typically think of bean bag chairs as furniture for children. But, they can be so much more. Believe it or not, bean bag chairs can be an integral design element in a grown-up living space. And, anyway, why should kids get to have all the fun? Here are some-- yes, grown-up-- living room furniture ideas that incorporate bean bag chairs.

Decorative and Functional

Bean bag pillows can infuse a pop of color into a decorative landscape, especially if that landscape is made up primarily of neutral tones. A bean bag chair can provide a simple decorative element in a corner or next to a table or couch. They are large enough to make a statement, but simple enough not to attract too much attention away from the design. And, when additional seating is needed-- say during a party, perhaps-- the bean bag chairs are there for a more practical purpose.

Consider Different Textures and Styles

One of the great things about bean bag chairs is their versatility. That versatility is owed in large part that due to the simplicity of their design, they can be made in a variety of different colors and textures. In fact, because their color and texture is due to their covering, you can switch out the covers regularly-- or when ever you get bored-- and have a completely new piece of furniture in your living room. These living room furniture ideas can perk up your space or even make it look brand new. Covers can be made in a variety of textures from faux-suede to vinyl. They can be found in a wide array of solid colors or even in fun animal prints. Besides colors and textures, however, there are also different styles. There are rounded bean bag chairs, chairs designed to fit into corners and even bean bag chairs that come with ottomans. What ever your need, mixing and matching colors, textures and styles should allow you to find just the right one for you.

Minimalist Style

Bean bag chairs are especially great living room furniture ideas if you prefer a minimalist style. Their uncomplicated design make them an ideal fit in the minimalist living room. For an earthier minimalist style, try a suede covering in a neutral color like tan. If your tastes tend toward a more modern minimalist sensibility, consider cooler shades with a vinyl or even a fur covering. When combined with an area rug and a couch, your bean bag chair with matching ottoman will fit right in.

Cultural Flair

In many cultures, sitting on the floor is normal and appropriate. People in places as diverse as Japan, Morocco and even the Andes use floor pillows. Where ever you can find bean bag chairs, you can often find floor pillows. Floor seating is one of those living room furniture ideas that is sure to save you money. Think about how much a recliner costs and then consider how much a floor pillow or bean bag chair costs. The savings will be huge. You can set floor pillows all around the room in places where people might gather for conversation. You could keep a bean bag chair or two as the equivalent to recliners. And, you can place cushions around a coffee table when hosting a dinner party.

Children's Area

While bean bag chairs deserve a rightful place at the grown-ups' table, there is no denying that they are great for kids, too. Feel free to have a couple of bean bag chairs with coloring gear or as a movie station so that the kids can entertain themselves when the grown-ups are busy. Bean bag chairs are often overlooked when considering living room furniture ideas. But, their versatility and variety make them a good fit in a wide array of settings. When deciding on your living room décor, consider tossing in a bean bag or two.
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