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Forget the Myths and Buy a Bean Bag Chair

Every home, office, playroom, entertaining space and living space can benefit from having a bean bag chair. High-quality bean bag chairs are very comfortable which is important when you are relaxing. Bean bag chairs are being embraced by more and more people around the world. We manufacture great bean bag chairs and sell them at affordable prices. The reason our prices are lower than the market rates is that the bean bag chairs are manufactured locally. The whole manufacturing process is done locally without importing any raw materials. Our bean bag chairs are stuffed generously to give you an experience you won’t forget. There are customers who are hesitant in buying a bean bag chair because of stories they heard out there. Bean bag chairs are fun and can add to the flare of your interior décor. We seek to identify the common myths about bean bag chairs. Most of the common misconceptions are based on a poor experience by buyers who bought low-quality bean bag chairs. 

5 Common Misconceptions about Bean Bag Chairs

Myth 1: They are difficult to shape the chair

A bean bag chair is made from form filling. The chair does not have a fixed shape. The fact that bean bag chairs do not have a fixed shape does not mean it cannot be strategically shaped. A bean bag chair can take many forms depending on your needs and the size. The bean bag chairs at Ultimate Sacks contain the most foam fillings than any other companies in the market. Because the bean bag chair is well filled it can conform to the desired shape easily from a recliner to a sofa. The chair is shaped by fluffing the filling to the desired position. Once a user seats on the chair, the memory foam will conform to his or her posture. The chair will hold that position until you decide to change the position.

Myth 2: Poor Filling

This myth that all bean bag chairs are filled poorly is caused by companies who use little filling for the bean bag chairs. This makes the chairs uncomfortable because the form filling is dispersed when someone seats on the bean bag. Some other bean bag filling materials are not smooth or comfortable when someone seats on them. These bean bag chairs can cause injuries to the people using them frequently because the filling forms uneven lumps. We make our bean bag chairs from new memory form fillings. We strive to make bean bag chairs of the highest quality and comfort. The chairs are filled with 100% new and shredded polyurethane foam.

Myth 3: Poor Stitching

All bean bag chairs do not have poorly stitched covers. Bean bag chairs that are poorly stitched stay in a good condition for a few months after purchase. After a while, the bean bag chair bursts open and spills all the filling. Our bean bag foam fillings are safely enclosed inside an inner lining to keep the foam filling from spilling. We manufacture bean bag chair covers that are double stitched. Double stitching adds strength of the bean bag cover to hold the foam filling under pressure. You can enjoy your bean bag comfortably without any worry of the chair busting in its seams.

Myth 4: Can Cause Bad Posture

The biggest myth about bean bag chairs is that they can cause bad posture due to poor back support. Bean bag chairs that are poorly filled can cause bad posture. They have little filling to offer back support. Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs are filled with more foam than the average bean bag chair. The filling is made with memory foam which takes the posture of the person sitting in it. The Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs will offer support to your spine while offering comfort.

Myth 5: Bean Bag Chairs are a Safety Hazard

The materials used for our bean bag chairs are not a health hazard to the people using the beanbags. We use actual fabrics for the chair covers mainly suede and fur. These fabrics are smooth and cannot scratch your skin. They are not harmful in any way. The other safety concern is that children are not safe when using a bean bag as they can suffocate in it. The memory foam filling used is firm and adequate to fully support a kid’s weight. The kids are completely safe when using our beanbag chairs. The misconceptions about bean bag chairs can be attributed to the manufacture of low-quality bean bag chairs. The low-quality bean bag chairs cause people to lose faith in the comfort that bean bag chairs can offer. Bean bag chairs are a convenient way to add more sitting space in the living area or outdoors. They are easily portable from one area to another. Bean bag chairs are suitable for all ages and sizes. They can be used in classes, living rooms, dining rooms, theatres, offices and outdoors. This diversity has seen more people buy bean bag chairs. The benefits of bean bag chairs are many and worth exploring. Bean bag chairs add fun to the living space. They come with a variety of colors for the covers. Buyers can choose the colors that complement the space they are placing the bean bag chair. The covers are removable and easy to clean. It does not matter whether food or juice is spilled on the covers, you can always wash the covers. These factors make bean bag chairs convenient for play-dates, children's parties, and playrooms. Bean bag chairs are not hard enough to cause physical injuries if a person walks into them. Using bean bag chairs reduces the number of furniture that pose the risk of causing physical harm. Bean bag chairs are also suitable for tight spaces whether it is an office or an apartment. They can be strategically placed to utilize the available space for spaces that cannot fit couches. If you have not yet bought a bean bag, it is time you buy one. You are missing out on a great offer. We promise that our products won't disappoint you. Our delivery time is better than the market averages. We allow returns for damaged products or exchanges within 15 days of purchase. We are a family business and we manufacture bean bag chairs for everyone in the family. The best part is our rates are the best. You won't find another company selling high-quality bean bag chairs at our rates. There are options to customize your bean bag chairs. Buy our bean bag today and become another one of our satisfied customers.
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