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A Foam Bean Bag Chair: The Ultimate Furniture

There are times when you want something different from the norm. Rather than buying new furniture at the local furniture store, it would be a lot more fun to bring in a foam bean bag chair as non-traditional approach to furnishing your home, office or apartment. Instead of being filled with PVC pellets, foam bean bag chairs are quite different from the traditional bean bag chairs of the past. You could choose a foam bean bag chair for yourself or a larger one that will allow you to snuggle up with a loved one. There are a wide variety of colors, prints and fabrics to choose from. You can do this based on your choice of decor. Foam bean bag chairs have been popular for a long time and are the furniture of choice for places such as bars, clubs and even in certain rooms in offices dedicated to relaxation. They are stylish and comfortable and make a perfect design element to any room. There are styles that will suit artistic types as well as business people. There are also those that are best suited for homes and families. There are different types of foam bean bag chairs ranging in size from 4 foot to 6 foot. Ultimate Sack foam bean bag chairs are made with shredded foam. Our factory holds about 4,000 pounds of shredded foam! The foam is run through the shredder, then it goes into the chair and it is broken up after it is packed and shipped to you. The best part about a foam bean bag chair is that it conforms to the shape of your body and that's what makes it the most comfortable bean bag chair you can buy. If it loses its fluffiness, give it a quick toss and shake and the memory foam returns to its shape. Some materials used for the cover on our foam bean bag chair are suede and fuzzy fur. In terms of colors and prints, you can pretty much let let your imagination run wild. Our foam bean bag chairs come with a 3 year warranty. Memory foam bean bag chairs are very popular with kids and teens who love to game. Since the bean bag chair is ergonomic in nature, it helps support your back comfortably during those long gaming sessions. Ultimate Sacks are extremely durable and the bean bag cover can be easily removed and washed. They make a great investment since they are long lasting and can accommodate two to three people comfortably.
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