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Finding the Right Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

With the amount of energy that kids spend jumping up and down the home, it is important for them to have a comfortable place where they can rest. Bean bag chairs for kids provide a flexible, relaxing, and convenient surface where children can sit while watching TV, playing video games, or reading. Using these chairs for kids’ rooms or in various parts of the home can also add a touch of comfort and uniqueness. In addition, the flexibility of bean bag chairs makes it easy for you to pull out more sitting space on your child’s birthday or other special occasion.

What kids look for in bean bag chairs

When it comes to bean bag chairs for kids, not all are the same. Indeed, bean bag chairs have varying levels of quality and aesthetic appeal. If you get low quality bean bag chairs for your kids, they may refuse to use them, or even worse, the chairs may harm their backs and posture. When looking for a bean bag chair for your children, keep the following factors in mind.
  1. Comfort

Among the most important factors for children is comfort. Children want a bean bag chair that they can easily sink in and enjoy a relaxing experience. They also want a chair that will not strain their body or make them feel sore when they stand up. In addition, a cozy and snugly feel is always a plus when looking for bean bag chairs for kids.
  1. Flexibility

Kids will want to take their bean bag chairs everywhere around the home. They will love a bean bag chair that they can drag to the living room to watch a movie, place it on the patio when playing outside, and take it back to their room when playing video games. The bean bag chair should therefore be convenient enough for children to use in multiple areas of the home.
  1. Aesthetic appeal

Kids want bean bag chairs that are as appealing as their imagination. Indeed, they want a chair that fits the color of their walls and matches the size of their rooms. Bean bag chairs that come in unique colors and designs are always a plus for kids. The chair will not only act as a comfort haven, it will also become their favorite new accessory. Bean bag chairs for kids in various colors

What makes a good quality bean bag chair?

The key factor that separates one bean bag chair from another is quality. In fact, poor quality bean bag chairs in the market have made them less popular among children. Parents may be worried about the chair causing strains to posture and muscles in their kids. However, there are good quality bean bag chairs out there, such as those produced by Ultimate Sack. Indeed, our bean bag chairs for kids adhere to high standards of quality.

A quality manufacturing process

For us, it begins during the manufacturing process. We decided to manufacture our own bean bag chairs because we couldn’t find a partner who adhered to the same standards of quality that we desired. Most bean bag chairs either use furniture pads or air to fill the item. Furniture pads are typically cut up with sharp and uncomfortable edges. As a result, children can become sore as they sit for long periods of time on the chair. When air is used to fill the bean bag, it can become unstable and harder for your kids to use.

Memory foam

To solve this quality problem, we use polyurethane foam to manufacture our bean bag chairs. This memory foam conforms to the body when you sit in the chair, relieving pressure and discomfort. After an active day of playing, your kids will love to sink into our memory padded bean bag chairs. Only chairs that are filled with memory foam can provide a superior and comfortable experience for children.

Durable Liner and seat covers

At Ultimate Sack, we ensure that all our bean bag chairs adhere to high standards of quality. In addition to the memory foam, we have control over the liner that is used to seal the bean bag chair. Poor quality liners can easily rip and expose the insides of the chair. This is particularly a concern for children, who tend to tug and pull on the chair as they move it around the home. We ensure that our liners are sturdy and tough enough to resist wear and tear. In addition, we offer covers that come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Your kids will have no problem mixing and matching various covers to fit their preferred theme.

Types of bean bag chairs for kids

Bean bag chairs for kids vary in design and shape. Some are small and round for smaller children, while others are larger and can fit two kids as they watch a movie. Some of the most popular types include:

Round bean bag chairs

Round bean bag chairs are one of the most common choices for children. They come in a convenient circular shape, making them easy for children to move around. They also provide a comfortable sitting surface at the top, where kids can soak into the memory foam and catch up on their latest program or book. At Ultimate Sack, our round bean bag chairs are made with a child safety lock that prevents kids from tampering with the inner filling material. And because we assemble everything locally, we offer an extended warranty for our bean bag chairs. Bean bag chairs for kids also come in many other shapes, such as squares and pea-shaped chairs.

Corner sacks

What fun would bean bag chairs for kids be if they only fit one child at a time? Indeed, there are larger chairs called corner sacks that can fit perfectly in the kids' room or the living room. Corner sacks sink in as soon as kids sit on them and provide a firm backrest for your children if they need to sit upright. Our corner sacks are double stitched to provide a durable lining that can withstand the constant jumping, tugging, and tossing that children typically cause. The key to obtaining the best bean bag chairs for kids is to focus on quality, flexibility, and durability. At Ultimate Sack, we ensure that your kids enjoy the comfort of memory-filled chairs, durable liners that keep everything inside, and flexible covers that can match their creativity. And because our bean bag chairs are comfortable, they can enjoy them for years to come.
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