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20% Off Sitewide Midsummer Sale! Limited Time Only. No code

Custom Bean Bag Covers

When most people think about bean bag covers, they tend to think about a hard leather or vinyl material in a single color, usually something like neon green, which was common from the first generations of foam furniture. Additionally, most people write off bean bag chairs as something only for kids – some small thing to throw in the corner of a room for their child to occasionally flop into while playing video games.

Ultimate Sack is here to tell you exactly how wrong they are – and how amazingly comfortable these bean bag chairs can be, for all ages.

The Many Uses for Bean Bag Furniture

One of the greatest uses for bean bag furniture is having something that you can easily move. Consider the benefits of bean bag chairs for a college dorm room – instead of having to lug chairs and desks up countless flights of stairs, and back down again at the end of term, you can simply throw the lightweight and easy to carry bean bag over your shoulder. When you consider that most college students change dorms or apartments every year, using easily portable furniture is a wonderful advantage. With a washable bean bag cover, you don’t need to worry about spillage from college parties or even regular day-to-day use messing up your foam furniture.

Another profession that could use bean bag covers to their best advantage are teachers. Besides being “the cool teacher” for having bean bag chairs in your classroom, it makes moving a breeze when you’re required to move classrooms over the course of the summer. Instead of having to find a way to move a couch or normal chairs, you can again benefit from having easy to move and lightweight furniture. And the washable bean bag covers mean that you need not worry about what your students dish out.

Custom options

With Ultimate Sack, you can customize your order from our easy to use website. If you’re looking for a specific fabric or suede to cover your bag, that is certainly an option. Additionally, you can have bean bag covers made with designs common to your company for business uses – we’ve made Ultimate Sacks for NFL teams, Coca-Cola, and many other organizations. No matter the specifics of the business, we’re able to provide a quality product, at a reasonable price, and make one of the best bean bag chairs on the market.

Ultimate Sack – The Best Name in Foam Furniture

For years, we have provided people with an amazingly comfortable and trendy way of decorating their house. Do some looking around yourself and you’ll find what we’ve done– the other options are either poorly made or incredibly expensive. Only with Ultimate Sack can you get this combination of price and quality when it comes to bean bag covers.

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