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Get a FREE Blanket when you spend $300. 🥰

Bean Bag Chairs Then and Now – the Giant Bean Bag Chair

When most people think about a giant bean bag, they often think of some kind of children’s room furniture or the very first generation of foam furniture which came out in the eighties. The first bean bag chairs were covered in vinyl or plastic and filled with hard plastic beans, which made them not as comfortable to sit in as the current generation of bean bag chairs.

Instead of thinking about how a bean bag could be in a kid’s room, imagine having an entire bean bag lounger instead of a couch. No longer will you have to sit on vinyl – instead, picture a bean bag cover made from soft suede or even fur so that you have the most comfortable furniture possible. Moreover, the hard plastic beans are gone, replaced with only the softest, finest foam possible.

Ways to Use a Giant Bean Bag

Because our bean bag lounger can be used as a variety of furniture choices, you get all the more for your money. After all, in a living room, with the right bean bag cover, it is a perfect replacement for a couch; however, in a bedroom, it can even be a perfect replacement for a bed. No matter what type of room you’re putting it into, it can serve however you wish it to – all while keeping you incredibly comfortable and relaxed at the same time.

With a giant bean bag, you never have to worry about something spilling on it – first, the round shape means that most things will roll right off, and second, the cover is removable, allowing for easy cleaning. Unlike other companies that make foam furniture, our bags are carefully stitched so that you can easily remove them without making a mess, and open or close the zipper multiple times without damaging the bag inside.

Ultimate Sack – the Ultimate Choice

We started this company as a family-owned and operated business because of our love of bean bag chairs. We owned one of the Love Sac brand chairs but found that we wanted a wider selection of options. In looking around, we came to realize that the companies that had quality products did not have a variety, and the companies that had a variety did not put out a quality product.

So we set out to build some of the best bean bag chairs on the market, as well as offering a variety of them at a reasonable price. The result is the Ultimate Sack – so it is time for you to “sack up” and order one of these options. In terms of a giant bean bag, you won’t find any better.

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