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Bean Bag Chairs as a Living Room Idea for the New Roaring Twenties

The perfect home is one built out of everything you love. Décor trends come and go, and personal taste tends to march on equally fast. A few elements never change, though: design that enhances your lifestyle will always rise above shallow fashions. That’s why today’s modern home represents a way of life more than it does an aesthetic. Every element is there to add comfort and meaning to your days, so this year’s living rooms are fun and free-spirited. The New Twenties are relaxed, functional, and, above all, comfortable. Bean bag chairs are popping up in décor magazines from all over the globe. Insider magazine has added them to its list of items everyone will have in their homes this year, and they’re not alone. Architectural Digest loves them for expanding on the functionality of contemporary living rooms. Bean bag chairs were once the territory of college students and hippies alone, but luxurious materials and chic designs have pushed them beyond their drab reputation. Bean bag chairs as a living room idea have matured so that they can be used as the signature piece of any living room. Color Me Beautiful Pantone has brought soothing colors to this year's palettes. It calls them reassuring—“full of calm and confidence," and those are precisely the values fashion is bringing to today's living rooms. You're looking for décor that builds connections and enhances your life. The modern world is fast-paced and stressful. Bean bag chairs as a living room idea exist to counteract those anxieties. They're relaxed, cozy, and approachable.

Most fashionable shades are richly pigmented, with color stories being dominated by bold contrasts. Turquoise is placed next to bright orange. Stone is set against navy. Burgundy emboldens chocolate. We, at Ultimate sack, have built an equally bold fabric collection. Those all-important neutrals are still there, of course, so you'll find all the whites and mustards you need to balance your living room. We also bring you bold reds, limes, and purples for those times when you need a vivid pop of color. Palettes can bring airiness to closed spaces, so if you're decorating a small area, choose light neutrals that open them up. If your area is large, a pop of bold color can unify clutter. Texture is as important as color, so our covers are made from machine-washable suede and fur. If you’re looking for something racier to add personality to your home, our animal print covers are just what you need. Panton releases a new color story every season, and it's easy to become bored with your palettes. We sell covers separately so that you can switch your look without buying an entirely new product. Our innards are canvas-lined, so when your bean bag chair becomes dirty, you can throw it into your washing machine.

Decorating with Bean Bag Chairs as a Living Room Idea Bean bag chairs are fun and flirty, but there’s an art to decorating with them. You’ll need to customize your size to suit the measurements of both your primary furnishings and the size of your space. An Ultimate Sack 6000 is less than ideal in a tiny room, and our smaller products won't fill massive living areas. Rely on the rule of three: choose odd numbers of bean bag chairs to balance your aesthetic. One or three will always look better than two. Textures and patterns also require balance. If your living room is covered in heavy textures and intricate patterns, choose a monotone bean bag cover to avoid busy scruffiness. Your tertiary patterns and textures can be far wilder, so don't be afraid to let your zebra or leopard print sack act as your core focus. This is the one piece of furniture you can have fun with. Even the most straightforward suede covers have a nuanced range of shades, so they're the perfect way to unify your color scheme. Plush fabric is ideal for luscious decor, and fur is best for casual interiors. Don't forget your porch. It's the perfect spot for your bean bag chairs, adding extra seating that's light enough to be rearranged in a heartbeat.

Choosing your Shape Round beanbags are a classic shape, but the market is crammed with alternatives. We have jumbo pillows, corner bags, footstools, and matching throws. Some are structured, and others are a little more whimsical. Try a corner sack in formal spots and an oversized lounger for your laid-back family rooms. Doing a little weekend work or gaming? Add a few bean bag chairs for an ergonomic lap desk. We’ve even taken care of your pooch with a bean bag dog bed (with cute paw prints to boot.)

The Importance of Quality The timeless aspects of your décor need to last. They won’t be going out with the latest fad, so they need to serve you for years. Our bean bag chairs are double-stitched and removable, attached with the highest quality child-locking zipper. That way, you never need to worry about gaping holes or broken parts.

Decorating for Comfort Bean bag chairs as a living room idea don't work unless they feel cozy and put you at ease. They're for lounging back and whiling away your laziest hours, so we've made sure they're as comfortable as your favorite memory foam mattress. Our 100% virgin, shredded memory foam forms around your body without sacrificing lumbar support. Memory foam's responsiveness prevents the circulation problems ordinary sofas tend to introduce. It supports a range of postures—one of the most essential aspects of ergonomic furniture. The best thing you can do for your back is to use pieces that are adjustable enough to let you move around.

Placement If you work from home, bean bag chairs can help you to separate your professional life from your relaxation hours. Home design is all about how you respond to your environment, and casual furnishings are just the thing for laying back. Give them prime position and move your desk out of the living room entirely. This way, you'll be able to focus on relaxing after an exhausting workday. If your space is large enough, use rugs to separate your quiet zones from your work areas. Whether you’re adding timelessness to a formal space or a wilder aesthetic for relaxing, our bean bag chairs will adapt to your aesthetic needs. We’ve got white-on-white, gentle taupes, and bold fire engine reds. Whatever your look, your new bean bag chairs will bring an element of pizazz and fun to any interior you add them to.

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