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A Message From Santa for Kids

Hello there,

It’s Santa Claus here and I personally wanted to give you an update on your Ultimate Sack. As I was on my sleigh heading to deliver it under your Christmas tree we flew into a bad storm and the beanbag chair fell from our sleigh.

We have sent an elf clean-up crew to take care of the fallen sack, as we want to prevent littering like all of you good boys and girls! We’re also in the process of putting together your new bean bag chair as we speak.

Whether you asked for the Ultimate Sack 4000, Ultimate Sack 3000, or the Kids Sack in your favorite color, we at the North Pole will get you your exact order. And we know you’re going to love your present!

Rest assured, my elves at the North Pole are making you a new bean bag chair and you will get it just after Christmas.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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