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10 Fresh Sitting Room Ideas Using Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are casual pieces of furniture that offer lots of comfort and fun in interior décor. Here at Ultimate Sack, we believe in making chic bean bag chairs that complement a home’s look and provide numerous sitting room ideas irrespective of the type of space – from apartment buildings to family homes and everything in between. Probably the biggest question many people face when considering whether or not to buy bean bag chairs is: How will they complement my sitting room décor? Thanks to the different array of bean bag chairs we retail (think of design, sizes, and color), there is, virtually, an unlimited number of sitting room ideas to implement. What’s more, we also sell covers for all our bean bag chairs – that too in different colors and designs.

Ten Exciting Sitting Room Ideas Using Bean Bag Chairs

1. The Classic Style
Bean bag chairs have different shapes, which makes them the ideal pieces of furniture for styling sitting rooms because they give rise to numerous style ideas. When creating comfort in the sitting room, it is essential to combine these frameless bean bag chairs of different forms with same-fabric covers.
2. Go All White
For a cool and serene sitting room look, choosing an all-white scheme is one way to achieve it. This involves selecting white covers for the bean bag chairs, which match with the white paint on the walls, a white or greyish carpet, glass furniture, and white tiles. The white covers also blend well with white-painted floorboards plus a plush textured rug.
3. The Country Style
Sitting rooms in a country style setting require bean bag chairs with covers made out of natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or leather. This is because the natural shade of these fabrics emphasizes the stylistic designs of country living rooms. Moreover, they fit harmoniously into the rooms’ overall color scheme.
4. The Scandinavian Style
Bean bag chairs look organic in sitting rooms decorated in Scandinavian styles. When striving for maximum comfort using simple solutions, our bean bag chair solutions like the ultimate sack 6000, 5000, 4000 or our corner sack can blend in well here. One of the Scandinavian sitting room ideas to use in a rectangular space is placing four corner sacks facing each other and around a coffee table or a footstool.
5. Mix It Up
It is entirely okay to use bean bag chairs to compliment a sitting room furnished with other furniture like sofa sets. Here, the trick is to use small-sized bean bag chairs like our Ultimate Sack 4000, Kids Sack, or footstool products.
6. A Fusion/Eclectic Style
A sitting room with an eclectic or fusion style can be ideally combined to create a sense of comfort. Here, use a long nap bean bag chair like our ultimate sack 6000 whose fabric colors are the same or similar to the sofa set cushions. Two or more sets of colors are acceptable so long as they blend well with other colors in the room. Just don’t overdo it.
7. Add Contrast
When looking to add contrast, stylishness, and originality to a sitting room, a single piece can change the entire overall design of the space. Make sure that the bean bag chairs are bright, contrast the other elements of the room, and have an unusual size or shape. Think of our corner sack, ultimate pillow, or even have a custom design.
8. Go with Turquoise
Using turquoise will always remain one of the top sitting room ideas to implement. This trend can be used both as a wall decoration and as the color of the bean bag covers. Contrast the turquoise color with a white background, and it will strike any person coming into the room.
9. Home Theater or Game Room
Although these are not technically sitting rooms, they are still areas where people spend a lot of time in when at home. Bean bag chairs add comfort and a flare of romance into these rooms.
10. The Children’s Room
Children are always active hence they like to change places, games, and details in the room. Our bean bag chairs like the kids sack or ultimate pillow are excellent choices when choosing furniture that ensures the safety of children. What’s more, bean bag chairs are portable; therefore, they can be moved around to create playing space. Bean bag chairs are comfortable and fun pieces of furniture that create a casual and relaxed décor at home. These frameless pieces of furniture can be used in most rooms at home. However, when it comes to sitting room ideas, bean bag chairs offer homeowners numerous styling options. Remember to invest in differently shaped bean bag chairs, purchase covers in complementary colors, measure them for the correct size, and consider their fabric and texture.
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