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How does ultimate sack size up?

"LOVE IT! I can't believe I almost spent three times more on a Love Sac. Thanks you guys, this thing came in 4 days and it's everything I hoped for. - Sean, New Jersey"


Features Ultimate Sack Love Sack Comfy Sack Others
Price - Ultimate Sack 6000 $224 $725 $356 $300-$1 Zillion
Price - Ultimate Sack 5000 $184 $600 $287.50 $250-$1 Zillion
Price Ultimate Sack 4000 $164 $499 $225 (for 3 1/2 ft sack) $200-$1 Zillion
Price - Kid's Sack $69 $149 $151 $100-$1 Zillion
Shipping Free Shipping in days Free Shipping, 2-3 weeks Free Shipping, 1-2 weeks For the most part paid shipping. 1-4 weeks or whenever the next cargo ship from Sri Lanka arrives
Warranty Effective August 1, 2017 Ultimate Sack now offers a 10 year warranty on all new purchases Some 90 days, some lifetime. Complicated. Forget to register and you are out of luck 5 Years. Straightfoward. No registation Few are comprehensive. Many are complicated. They will cover the zipper for at least 24 hours.
Indestructable Teenager-Proof-10oz. canvas liner and rugged #10 zipper with child safety lock Durable - Unknown parts Durable - Unknown parts You have teenagers? Good luck
Stuffing Materials Comfy 100% new virgin foam "Dura-Foam" Shredded furniture foam Who knows, for the most part uncomfortable beads or hard synthetics
Stuffing Ultimate Sack 6000 - 70-75lbs. 36" Tall. That's a lot of stuffing! 6ft Sack - 75lbs. 36" tall. Thats a lot of stuffing too. 6ft sack - 68lbs. 34" tall. Where did the extra stuffing go? Stuffing? What stuffing?
Covers Top quality, interchangable, washable. Top quality, interchangable, washable. Top quality, interchangable, washable. Usually low quality, non washable, not interchangeable. May cause space measels
Fabric Samples? Yes Nope Yes Not usually. Fabric proven to be an excellent exfoliant.
Color Fabric Combinations 33 20 35 Usually less than 15. Too many choices can be distracting
Reputation Outstanding-We are the manufacturer, and stand by our product. The retailer with a bedding license. Great reputation, but they are not the manufacturer and can't control quality the way we can. Great reputation, but they are not the manufacturer and can't control quality the way we can. What you don’t know can't hurt you ...typically

How Does Ultimate Sack Size Up?

Maybe you have heard of Love Sac®; maybe you even own one. We did too, until we decided to search for a better bean bag chair. Our business was born when we decided to embark on a mission for better, more affordable, more comfortable foam furniture. We love these big, comfortable sacks, but we don't think they should cost an arm and a leg. We wanted more colors, more fabric options, and we wanted all of this for a lower price. Well, we found a way. We are the manufacturers of the original Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair. We make them here in the USA and we ship them straight from our factory, which is why we can charge less. If you are wondering why our sacks are better, check out the differences between us and our competitors above.

You know why we can charge less, and can offer so many more colors and fabrics? Because these foam-filled chairs are our specialty, so you get to choose from over 60 colors and fabrics when you order from us. This is furniture, and it should match your lifestyle and your decor. To top it all off, our FREE SHIPPING places Ultimate Sack at the top of the list. Not only are our sacks cheaper, but we do not charge you shipping – at all! If you are still skeptical, take a look at our Testimonials page. You can see for yourself why time and time again, customers have trusted us over Love Sac for their comfy foam bag chairs. We hope you will have the experience of relaxing in our chairs along with knowing that you did not have to empty your pockets. We are sure you will love our sacks. Take a look at our selection! Read More . . .