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3 ft Bean Bag Chair COVER ONLY!

Have one of our Ultimate Sack 3000 bean bag chairs and want a different cover? Buy another cover and just switch them out. As always, our covers are built for durability and are machine washable.


  • Machine washable cover
  • Durable #10 zipper with child safety lock
  • Made in the USA direct from the manufacturer
  • Durable double stitching


3 ft Bean Bag Chair COVER ONLY!

  • our price: $179.00
  • discount: -$120.00
  • Price Including Discount: $59.00
  • competitors price: $199.00

*You are ordering a cover for your Ultimate Sack - if you want to order a complete Ultimate Sack, click here.

step 1Choose Your Size
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  • 6 Foot - Most popular! Fit the whole family.
  • 5 Foot - Middle size. Great for a dorm.
  • 4 Foot - Perfect for kids room or small spaces
  • 3 Foot - Perfect for small spaces
step 2Fabric Type:
tooltip icon Ultimate Sack offers multiple fabric types and color options for our various products. All outside sack covers are removable and machine washable.
Standard Suede Colors: Black

Standard Suede colors

Hover / click for more info This material is 100% polyester. It is a cross between a suede and a velvet. It is a very sturdy fabric, a great fit for a very comfortable cover for your Ultimate Sack bean bag chair! All covers are machine washable.

Fur colors ($40 additional)

Hover / click for more info This material is 100% polyester faux fur. It is approximately 1/8 inch long when raised. It has a somewhat wavy texture to it. All bean bag chair covers are machine washable. A great accent cover to go with any room!
step 3Customize it
tooltip icon You can have your name on it!
Want your name embroidered?
(Great for gifts!)
  • Yes ($20)
  • no
step 4How about a Throw Pillow?
tooltip icon Add a large warm pillow to your sack!
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  • Yes ($25 sale price) Regular price: $45
  • no
step 5Choose your color above
Once you pick your color, you're just one step away!
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